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TeachingEnglish Asia
British Council TeachingEnglish Asia February 2017

Welcome to TeachingEnglish Asia

Welcome to our first edition of 2018.  We hope your year has started off well and 2018 is going to be a great year for you professionally.

In this edition we hear from two Thai Master Trainers working in the Regional English Training Centres about how their new role is challenging them, and how they are helping their fellow Thai teachers to refine their teaching skills.  We also speak to a Japanese English teacher about how the LEEP project has changed his teaching style and how his students are responding.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition and if you have any questions for us please email the TeachingEnglish Asia team.

News and events
  Teachers try out new techniques in class as Kae watches on

Developing Thai Master Trainers

"Working as a teacher is dealing with learners to support them to achieve their goals. Now, my learners are changing from students to teachers but I still have the same objective."

Thai Master Trainers Paeng and Kae share their insights about working on the Regional English Training Centres project with us. They talk about what their role involves, how it's helping their development and how they in turn are helping other Thai teachers to develop.  

Find out more about life as a TMT.

  Hiroyuki Sakurai in class

Making a difference: one teacher’s story

“As a result of LEEP training, I now really enjoy planning lessons every day.”

Hiroyuki Sakurai, a graduate of the LEEP programme in Japan, talked to us about how the training changed his teaching style.  He shares stories from his own classes, including how he inspired a student to delve deeper into a fascinating topic.

Hiroyuki tells us more about the impact LEEP has had on his teaching.

  A girl makes a model of the globe

Caring for the environment in Vietnam

Vietnam is currently rated as the sixth lowest ranking nation on the environmental sustainability index, but Kids Read is doing its best to change that by educating the students of Can Thanh district about environmental awareness.

The final event of the year for Kids Read in Vietnam brought students, parents and teachers together to learn about the environment in a fun way, with the help of HSBC volunteers.

Find out more about this fun event.

  A group of people sit at a table with laptops and tablets

Online courses - TeachingEnglish Training

Our online training courses and self-study modules form part of the Teaching for Success approach to Continuing Professional Development, offering flexible study options to meet your training and development needs.  

Applying approaches to special educational needs starts on 27 February and will help you build an understanding of Special Educational Needs and how to immediately use inclusive practices with all your groups.

Evaluating and creating digital content starts on 21 March and will teach you to evaluate and develop resources and activities using technology. Enable your learners to practise and develop their English skills using a variety of exciting digital content.

Exploring content and language integrated learning (CLIL) starts on 17 April and will help you to teach your subject more effectively in a second language.  

  Teachers discuss papers together

New publications

Several new publications are now available on our website to read online or download.

Teacher evaluation: Global perspectives and their implications for English language teaching gives an excellent overview of current practices and trends around teacher evaluation in education systems worldwide.

The role of metacognition in the success of reading and writing tasks across cultures looks at the role of metacognition in the success of second-language learning across cultures. Practical ideas are also given for metacognitive knowledge and strategy training to support and enhance language proficiency.

English across the fracture lines looks at contexts around the globe where English is being used and taught as a means of alleviating conflict and promoting security, stability and peace.

  Teachers in Thailand sign up for conference sessions

Upcoming conferences across the region

Find out about ELT conferences and events taking place across East Asia in the coming months as well as deadlines for submitting papers, abstracts and presentations.


British Council Resources

TeachingEnglish: Use our self-assessment tool to reflect on your teaching and evaluate your teaching skills.

LearnEnglish:  If you teach Business English or your students are likely to be attending job interviews in English, check out the You're Hired videos and accompanying tasks.

LearnEnglish Kids:  Why not watch one of our British Tales videos with your younger students and learn more about characters from British history.

LearnEnglish Teens: Your teenage students will enjoy watching our YouTubers talking about their lives. Transcripts and subtitles are available to help your students improve their English as they watch.

Events: Find out about ELT conferences and events taking place across East Asia in the coming months as well as deadlines for submitting papers, abstracts and presentations.



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