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name: Liz Bacon, Kristen Buhler, Maria Karlin, and Vakarė Petroliūnaitė
Organization: The Julians
Job description: Singing the daylights out of music we love.
Company Description: Crazysexycool



What made you fall in love with music/dance/theater? The attention.

What talent would you most like to have?
L: Invisibility! K: Reading Minds M: Shooting lasers from my eyes V: To make Alaska and Oregon 5 miles apart. (Her husband works there two weeks a month)

What is your motto? Worry is the misuse of imagination.

Your favorite virtue?
L: Love K: Patience M: Hope V: Rock 'n Roll

What is your favorite place in Portland? Cassidy's - the bar where everyone knows our name. Also, the next venue that books us!

What do you most dislike?
L: ATM fees; K: Mean people M: That bird that everyone keeps putting on things V: The fishtail interchange from I-5 to Ross Island Bridge

Who would you have liked to be?
L: Gilda Radner, B.C. (before cancer) K: Madeline Kahn M: David Bowie V: Joni Mitchell

What is your favorite bird?
L: Deep fried w/mashed potatoes K: Hummingbirds M: That bird that everyone keeps putting on things V: The bird across the alley that screams "Maa, Maa" all day long

What is your guilty pleasure?
L: Vodka K: "Stay" by Lisa Loeb M: She Bop V: Cheeseballs

First car?
L: Plymouth Valiant K: 83 Dolphin Motorhome M: '85 Honda Accord V: Purple Lumina Euro with an orange stripe and verticle door-handles

What do you consider your greatest achievement? We recently had our three year anniversary, and are still going strong! XO, Portland! Love, The Julians .


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