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Toro Bravo Secco Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is a big deal this time of year, but why isn’t it all year? The recent rise of Prosecco was largely thanks to the Prosecco Spritz cocktail, but you may hesitate to open a bottle on a Tuesday night if the bubbles will be gone by the time you finish it on Friday. Toro Bravo Secco is out to change that notion with a specialty screw cap that keeps the fizz fresh for days. Taking the urgency away from finishing a bottle of sparkling is just one of the ways Toro Bravo Secco is winning a following – it makes a killer spritz too.

Tasting Notes: If Cava is Spain’s answer to Champagne, Toro Bravo Secco is Spain’s answer to Prosecco. As a blend of 50% Macabeo, 30% Parellada, and 20% Xarel-lo, the Toro Bravo team could have made Cava like most of their neighbours, but they chose the Charmat method (the same as Prosecco) to create a more fruit-focused style with a creamy mousse, gentle bubbles and notes of citrus, juicy apple and white peach.

Enjoy With: Spicy seafood dishes, creamy pastas, light cheeses and roast poultry. It’s also perfect as an apéritif or in a sparkling wine cocktail (one Spritz, please).

Style: A dry, light-bodied sparkling wine with a lively acidity and balanced touch of sweetness.

Terroir/Region: Toro Bravo Secco comes from the region of Cataluña, Spain, where vineyards are scattered among rocky outcrops across the landscape. Soils here are mineral-rich and the weather is harsh, but these less-favourable elements naturally lower the yield of the vineyards and increase the intensity of the fruit. Not a bad trade-off!

Producer: When the Toro Bravo team took on sparkling wine, they couldn’t just follow the norms. Delivering great value is always priority one, and now they’re out to make your casual, everyday glass of wine a sparkler too. By utilizing a specially made screw cap, you can lock in the bubbles of Toro Bravo Secco for the next day, or the day after that, or the day after that, without fear of ruining the rest of the bottle!

Availability: Toro Bravo Secco sparkling wine is available in the Sparkling Wine section of your local LCBO and for online purchase. Spain’s answer to Prosecco is waiting for you!


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Price: $11.95
LCBO#: 16191
Size: 750mL
Alcohol Content: 11% alc./vol.