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Nugget Markets “Fresh to Market” September 22, 2010

In this issue

Claussen Sauerkraut

Claussen Sauerkraut

Save $1.20What’s Oktoberfest without some sauerkraut? On sale this week!

32 oz. Jar Stop Sign Savings … $1.20

Maille Mustards


Save $1.60Two hundred sixty years of mustard-making expertise stand behind the finesse and flavor of this outstanding, traditional Maille Dijon recipe.

Selected Varieties. 7.3-7.5 oz. Jar $2.99, Stop Sign Savings … $1.60


Check out our ad for even more ways to save! Please download this week’s ad from our website. Simply select your closest store location and click Download Ad.

Upcoming Events

Habitat for Humanity "Women Build" Day Sept. 23

Nugget Markets women CAN do it! We’re assembling an "all girls" team for the next phase of our Habitat for Humanity Community Build in Woodland. By getting our team together, we’re helping Habitat receive an additional grant that supports the Woodland project. It’s all part of a national program called "Women Build" which encourages women to acquire construction skills and knowledge.

Bella Dry Skin Formula free demo - Sept. 23

Visit our Roseville Nugget Market from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.for a free demo of Bella Dry Skin moisturizing body bar. This soap provides soothing relief to those with eczema and dry/sensitive skin; enjoy free samples from Bella founder Louise Dutton.

Ladies Night In - Free Makover Sept. 23

Come on out for our next Ladies Night In free makeover event, at our Roseville Nugget Market, from 5pm - 7pm on Thurs., 9/23, with Gabriel and Zuzu Luxe Natural Cosmetics ( 15% off on products, too). Receive a complimentary makeover and a free gift with purchase.

Wine and Beer Tastings with Nugget Markets - September 24

Stop by these Nugget Markets locations for our Friday night wine/beer tasting events, 5pm - 7pm:

  • Vacaville - Peltier Station Hybrid wines
  • Roseville - Wine Press tastings featuring Rieslings and Oktoberfest beers
  • West Sacramento - Line 39 and Red Tree wineries
  • Elk Grove – Shannon’s Picks
  • El Dorado Hills - Riesling Rendezvous: Rieslings from around the world

For more information on upcoming events in your community, visit the events section of our website.

Hoes Down Harvest Festival Oct. 2

It’s time for the Hoes Down Festival, a celebration of rural living at Full Belly Farm in the Capay Valley. We’re thrilled to sponsor this event in support of local agriculture. Enjoy food, live music, workshops, farm tours, crafts, kids’ activities and an all around great time for all at the beautiful Full Belly Farm! For more info, visit

For more information on upcoming events in your community, visit the events section of our website.

Fresh to Market
September 22, 2010
Volume 4, Issue 20

We hope you enjoyed reading this issue of Fresh to Market. Fresh to Market is a free, bi-weekly email publication of Nugget Market, Inc.

Prices valid 9/22/10 – 9/28/10.


This 16-day festival is in full force, and we’ve got lots of great Oktoberfest foods on sale in celebration!

Beer-Braised Brisket

Beer Braised Brisket

This dish is a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs meal that is great for Oktoberfest. The bitter character of the Märzen beer is gently counteracted with the addition of brown sugar. Three different peppercorns add a bite that will cut through the richness of the gravy. Beer-Braised Brisket will warm the hearts and stomachs of all your Oktoberfest guests.

Oktoberfest Brews

Sudwerk Marzen

In honor of Oktoberfest we’ve got some great deals on Oktoberfest beers this week. The Sudwerk Marzen is great paired with our Beer ‘n Brats Sausage. The deep roasted malt flavor of this beer helps to balance the rich, spicy flavors of our sausage. We’ve also got Spatenbrau and Paulaner Oktoberfest beers on sale this week.

Spatenbrau or Sudwerk Brews

Spaten Oktoberfest

Selected Varieties. 6 Pack/12 oz. Bottles $6.99 + crv, Save up to $3

Paulaner Oktoberfest

Paulaner Marzen

Save $2.506 Pack/12 oz. Bottles $7.99 + crv, save $2.50

Nugget Beer n’ Brats or Bratwurst Pork Sausages:

Nugget Beer Brat

Save $1 lb.Hand-made by our meat department associates, with NO nitrites, nitrates, or MSG. Our Beer n’ Brats sausages are made with pork shoulder roast, beer, sea salt, and spices like black and white pepper, ginger, cardamom, mace, nutmeg, basil and celery.

$3.99/lb., save $1/lb.

Health Notes with Dr. LizDr Liz

Oktoberfest Foods

When it comes to taking part in Oktoberfest, we always say why not celebrate another country’s holiday, especially when it involves delicious foods and lasts 16 days?! Oktoberfest, which started as a wedding celebration for a Bavarian prince back in 1810, is marked by traditional foods including sausages and copious amounts of beer. Not exactly what you would think of as “good for you” eats, but these foods actually do have some health benefits:

  • Sausages: At the heart of Oktoberfest, sausages can be high in fat, but Nugget offers a handmade, lower-fat version with lean pork or chicken along with a wealth of spices such as cardamom, mace and sea salt along with fresh chopped chives and parsley.
  • Mustard: What’s sausage without some zesty mustard? As a condiment, mustard (made from ground mustard seeds) is not only very low in fat, but it is loaded with potent cancer fighters called indoles (a member of the broccoli or brassica family.)
  • Rothohl/Blaukohl (traditional apple and red cabbage dish): Often times made with vinegar (but some versions come with added cream), this side dish is rich in cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber from the apples (especially if the skin is left on). And red cabbage, another member of the brassica vegetable family, is loaded with cancer-fighting indoles.
  • Pretzels: Need more reasons for sampling different mustards? Pretzels are generally fat-free and sometimes whole grain, so they are a good source of insoluble fiber, important for digestive tract health.
  • Beer: The most notable Oktoberfest staple, beer in moderation* has been shown to help lower heart disease risk. Made from barley (grain) and hops (flower), beer contains phtyochemicals shown to boost heart health.

* Moderation is one 12 oz. beer for women and up to two for men per day.

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