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Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

As of the end of 2013, more than 3.3 million people have enrolled in the Health Insurance Marketplace. MHAPA is proud to be behind some of this number. Together with The Advocacy Alliance, Mental Health America of Westmoreland County, and the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers' Association—partners in our Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator program—we have reached thousands of people in Pennsylvania, educating them about the Marketplace and helping many enroll. Today, many of the people we’ve helped are saving money on their plans or covered for the first time in years.

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Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator Q&A

Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator

Tom McHugh, M.S., is a Certified Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator for The Advocacy Alliance. He shared some insight into the Marketplace with The Newsfeed.

What role do Navigators play in the Marketplace? 

We help people understand the Marketplace, research their plan options, learn about subsidies, apply for the Marketplace, and enroll in an insurance plan.

Some consumers contact us before doing anything else. Others have specific questions once they’ve already begun looking around the Marketplace or started an application.

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Health Insurance Marketplace

Health Insurance Marketplace Navigator

Consumer Success Story

The rocky launch of the Health Insurance Marketplace made for good headlines but didn’t deter applicants. “People really understand that this is the time to get insured,” says Lynn Keltz, PMHCA’s Executive Director. “It’s very significant that there are no longer penalties for pre-existing conditions—whether cancer, bipolar disorder, or back problems. You cannot be denied coverage because of them. And the mental health coverage is meaningful, which makes a tremendous difference for so many people.”

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Announcements & Events

Serve on the MHAPA Board of Directors

MHAPA seeks qualified individuals to serve on our board of directors. Candidates must exhibit an ongoing commitment to working for a just, humane, and healthy society that accords all people respect, dignity, choice, and the opportunity to achieve their full potential free from stigma and prejudice. Learn more and download applications and nomination forms here.

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Affiliate Updates

Mental Health America Allegheny CountyMental Health America Allegheny County (MHAAC)

MHAAC developed A Guide to the Use of Recovery Oriented Language to promote honest and respectful communication among individuals who use services and those who provide them.

Using respectful, recovery-oriented written language is an important part of providing recovery-oriented services. Language should accurately reflect the client’s voice, support recovery, and should not overly privilege the viewpoint of professionals. Documents should impart a sense that the individuals described are equals in the decision-making process. Language that excludes, stigmatizes, marginalizes, diminishes, patronizes or lowers the status of any individual or group should not be used. While recovery-oriented language is fluid and subject to continued improvement, this document can serve as a guide.

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