“The Lean Queen” is into oiling up with some illegal CBD. Doug Ford’s immediate family members are fond of posting on Instagram—and daughter Krista’s bodybuilding cop husband rants there regularly. But one workout-obsessed DoFo spawn, Kyla Ford, is suddenly getting attention for sharing (but later deleting) this product endorsement:

“They’ve heard on the news that weed is legal here, but they don’t know any of the details.” Ron (no last name) tells Niagara This Week that his High Life Head Shop is drawing tourists hoping for actual cannabis. Just one retail licence was put up for grabs in Niagara, compared with five in Toronto.

Canada’s Food Guide gives up on the four food groups. Rather, the feds are focused on promoting vegetables and fruits, to the detriment of dairy. With the revision comes much mirth over the government pushing a plate that few would see as so appetizing:

Covington kid clash knots getting untied at the CBC. The struggle to satisfactorily tweet about the noise at the Lincoln Memorial led to some radio reconsideration, along with a mea culpa opinion piece. Regardless, the final minutes of a Sunday morning CBC show, The Weekly, found Wendy Mesley describing details now proved untrue.

Belinda Stronach’s lawsuit alleges her father Frank has a “declining mental state.” A $520-million lawsuit filed by Frank Stronach against his daughter and The Stronach Group’s CEO, Alon Ossip, is now up against a $32.8-million countersuit that gets into details like Frank launching an energy drink promoted by lederhosen-clad women with the slogan “it keeps you yodelling all night long.”

Detroit Eatery blaze brings generosity on the Danforth. A fire at the diner led to fast reaction on GoFundMe from locals feeling hopeful that this Red Wings-loving greasy spoon can be restored:

John Tory got testy when asked about whether a “straight white mayor” oughta comment on returning police to Pride. Pride Toronto members voted 163-161 to continue banning uniformed cops from the parade. When the Toronto Star’s David Rider asked whether Tory was qualified to lament the results, the mayor shot back with some scolding.

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