Legal threat sparks up attitude from the guy behind Tokaroo. Mark Scott, whose parody of the Polka Dot Door character got some glory during C-Day, received a cease and desist letter from TVO. The mascot performer, who spent 22 years as Polkaroo at authorized public appearances, is expressing defiantly anarchist thoughts in response.

Charity will shine again on the floor of the Royal Winter Fair. The chrome cow-on-stilts statue, which was hounded out of Cathedraltown, will be displayed downtown for 10 days in November. Charity, Perpetuation of Perfection was installed in Markham before scared subdivision residents succeeded in having the Holstein homage removed.

The alarm will ring later for Roger Ashby. His final day on the CHUM breakfast show is set for December 5. Ashby has worked at the Toronto institution since August 1969. He became 1050 CHUM morning man in September 1982, and moved to 104.5 FM three years later. Jamar McNeil, who joined CHUM in July, will remain with Marilyn Denis:

ELMNT.FM forces you to listen the old-fashioned way. The revived Aboriginal radio stations in Toronto and Ottawa feature an intriguing format: 25 per cent of the music is Indigenous; the rest is familiar rhythmic hits. For now, listeners need to tune in to 106.5 FM, because there’s no website yet—although a video of the launch event is on Facebook.

“Couple seem to believe they are doing God’s work in battle with publishers.” Christie Blatchford questions the tactics of Lisa and Warren Kinsella, who are bringing James Sears and LeRoy St. Germaine, the duo behind the wacky ultra-right-wing Your Ward News, to a criminal trial. Meanwhile, attention for Faith Goldy has roused her former colleague Michael Coren to rebuke an old chum:

Kids in the Hall tell five sides in One Dumb Guy. The new authorized biography has enough unique tidbits for a listicle. Its publication coincides with KITH’s Scott Thompson continuing to rail against identity politics. That and more is covered in a podcast done at Nick Flanagan’s mom’s house:

“Any cut that happens to Brampton I’m going to take personally.” Mayor-elect Patrick Brown is pushing back at the perception that Doug Ford slashed plans for a Ryerson campus in Brampton in order to spite him. The shading game may extend to his one-time Ottawa boss Stephen Harper, who left Brown’s name out of a congratulatory tweet.

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The graffiti spray-painted on the office of Ontario labour minister Laurie Scott after the provincial government announced it would repeal some labour reforms.

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