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Milan based design duo Carnovsky debut four dynamic new patterns for Blik that change under colored light. Definitely the coolest thing we've seen come from Italy since Gina Lollobrigida.

Carnovsky X Blik  $89 Carnovsky X Blik  $89
Carnovsky X Blik  $89 Carnovsky X Blik  $89

VENICE, CA, AUGUST 9, 2012 Blik, the innovative maker of self-adhesive surface graphics, has teamed up with Carnovsky, the Milan based artist/design duo of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla to launch Rosoni, a collection of four patterns based on their breathtaking RGB design project. The wall graphics change depending on how they are lit, a concept not seen with wall coverings before Carnovsky pioneered the idea in 2010.

The RGB Process
Known for their innovative RGB wallpaper, Carnovsky utilizes the RGB technique of using red, green and blue colored lights to make different images appear based on the colors used.

According to the artists, RGB is a work about the exploration of the "surface's deepness." The designs create surfaces that mutate and interact with different chromatic stimulus. In each image three layers live together, three worlds that could belong to a specific animal kingdom or to an anatomical part, but at the same time connect to a different psychological or emotional status. The result of the superimposition of different images is unexpected and mesmerizing. Colors are mixed up and the lines and shapes entwine becoming oneiric.

"We presented RGB for the first time in 2010, during the Milan Design Week, with a large wallpaper installation," said Rugi. "Wallpaper is a medium we really love. It allows us to achieve an architectural scale in our installations where people are immersed in an ever changing narration. Without a doubt, RGB was born stuck to the wall."

"We are drawn to Carnovky's work and the RGB design in particular primarily because of the layered meaning hidden in the pieces," said Scott Flora, Blik co-founder. "While the images are intrinsically simple, the pattern and colors Francesco and Silvia use create a richness that is very graphic and dynamic. By simply changing the light color in a space, the art reveals different elements, how cool is that! We're including special glasses that can be used to see the hidden layers, it makes the art into a conversation starter for gatherings and we think people will have fun talking about what they see."

The Rosoni Series for Blik
"When Scott proposed a collaboration with Blik, we immediately thought that our Rosoni series would be the perfect fit for wall graphics," said Quintanilla. "The audience is people who like our work, but would rather not cover an entire room."

The Rosoni world is a mash-up of flowers, plants, twisting reptiles and dancing mammals. Each is entwined and mixed-up to create an iris of nature. The Rosoni series are 4' full color circular images that can be viewed from any angle. The graphics are not limited to walls and are adaptable to ceilings.

The Rosoni collection is comprised of four graphics: Rosone N.1, Rosone N.2, Rosone N.3 and Rosone N.4. Each set is 4' wide and is sold with RGB glasses. The collection is now available at Blik. High-res images available. Email

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Carnovsky is a Milan based artist/designer duo comprised of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla. For more information, visit

ABOUT BLIK: Based in Venice, CA, Blik is the leading designer and maker of innovative self-adhesive, removable surface graphics. Co-founded in 2002 by architect Scott Flora and food editor Jerinne Neils, Blik was an exploration into the concept of the "wall as canvas." Today, through groundbreaking production methods, original design and collaboration with such brands as Threadless, Upper Playground, Nintendo and Charles & Ray Eames, Blik is an I.D. Magazine Product Design Distinction Award Winner and participated in the esteemed Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial. Blik was recently named as one of Entrepreneur's Top 100 Brilliant Companies for 2010. The full Blik product line is available online and at retailers worldwide. For more information, please visit


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