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Blik favorite Mina Javid is back with six elegant new designs that will have you doing a double take. Decorative headboards, playful light fixtures and seasonal plants give your home an instant makeover in a matter of minutes.

Seasons  $65 Cafe Light  $35
Bubble Light  $50 Sophie  Starts at $40 for a twin

VENICE, CA, FEBRUARY 8, 2012: Step into February with six new home-inspired wall graphics from Blik and LA-based architect and designer Mina Javid. Javid's new collection is a continuation of her popular line that launched at Blik in 2009.

"The design inspiration for my first line of Blik wall decals came from shadows moving across my studio walls," said Javid. "The new graphics are an evolution of that line. I took something that began as a subtle concept and pushed those boundaries to make the graphics more dynamic. I have always been interested in how depth can be explored within the two dimensional world. I worked with translucency and layering to create depth through the overlapping of some of the products."

Mina Javid for Blik - Six new graphics:

Contrasting headboards let you choose to be bold or more reserved.
Sophie Headboard: An ornate decorative headboard with a big presence. Sophie's no wallflower.
Ava Headboard: Minimal is Ava's middle name. Ava is a simple headboard that makes a statement without saying a word.

Have fun with the colorful cafe and bubble lights.
Cafe Light: Festive single or multicolored lights that bring the party indoors.
Bubble Light: These playful lights come in five different colors of globes encouraging the layering of colors to create your own contrast and composition.

Opposites attract. Take your pick between wildly organic and tastefully manicured.
Seasons: Bring the four seasons into your home with a tall graceful tree. This tree includes leaves and flowers that correspond with the seasons. Change seasons as easily as you change your shoes.
Topiary: No plant training required. A manicured living sculpture that ups the elegance level with its defined shapes.

"Mina's products are some of our bestsellers, so it was with no hesitation that we approached her about creating additional graphics" said Scott Flora, Blik co-founder. "Mina's design aesthetic creates beautiful pieces that are both high-end and accessible which embodies our design philosophy at Blik."

Sophie Headboard, Ava Headboard, Cafe Light, Bubble Light, Seasons and Topiary are available online at Blik.

High-res images available. Email

ABOUT MINA JAVID: Mina Javid holds a BA in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley and a Masters in Architecture from the University of California at Los Angeles. After working for several years in a prominent Los Angeles architecture firm, she launched her design office, Mina Javid Design, in 1999 with the intent of affording strong, contemporary design to all scales and aspects of the built environment. This multi-disciplinary approach includes architectural, interior, furniture, and product design. Her sensibility and design palette is continually inspired and refined through her travels throughout Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. For more information, please visit

ABOUT BLIK: For 10 years, Blik has been the leading designer and maker of innovative self-adhesive, removable surface graphics. Co-founded in Venice, CA in 2002 by architect Scott Flora and food editor Jerinne Neils, Blik was an exploration into the concept of the "wall as canvas." Today, through groundbreaking production methods, original design and collaboration with such brands as Threadless, Upper Playground, Keith Haring Estate, Atari, NAMCO, Nintendo and Charles & Ray Eames, Blik is an I.D. Magazine Product Design Distinction Award Winner and participated in the esteemed Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial. In 2010, Blik was named as one of Entrepreneur's Top 100 Brilliant Companies. TThe full Blik product line is available online and at retailers worldwide. For more information, please visit


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