Mammo-style politics from George Smitherman. “If getting to the front door meant fighting your way through drugs and crime, would you even ever leave your apartment?” asks the city council candidate, referring to a TCHC building known for showing up in the news. Reactions have been less than favourable:

Patrick Brown has “Brampton Billy” in his corner. The Progressive Conservative legacy of Bill Davis was supposed to be revived at Queen’s Park by Brown. So, it’s quite fortuitous that 89-year-old Davis is an icon in the very place where Brown is now running. Meanwhile, current mayor Linda Jeffrey has all five Brampton Liberal MPs backing her—while also curiously sharing selfies with some friends of DoFo.

“My children and I love my father. However, his allegations are untrue and we will be responding formally to the statement of claim in the normal course of the court process.” Belinda Stronach denied the allegations outlined in a lawsuit filed against her by her dad Frank, who accuses Belinda and her kids of mismanaging the family fortune. The story was a scoop for the Thoroughbred Daily News:

Indigo opens in New Jersey to kindle hopes for big bookstores. The first American store for the Canadian chain, at the Mall at Short Hills, has a familiar corporate look. The strategy of making books just one department is being watched as a potential American rival to Amazon. The publishing industry hopes Indigo’s expansion augurs a future for bricks-and-mortar books beyond the battered Barnes & Noble.

Jordan Peterson sparks a weird civil war in the Intellectual Dark Web. Peterson sharing his belief that Brett Kavanaugh should step down after being confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court led to blowback for the Canadian professor, who was pushed to explain his position in detail. JBP now wonders whether he should quit typing on social media:

An Evening with the Clintons booking means Bill haunts us still. When the ex-president came to Toronto in June to discuss the book he pseudo-co-authored with James Patterson, the prospect of his #MeToo behaviour being up for debate had already been defused. He’s coming back with Hillary in November, bringing on the usual promotional stories. But also more wondering if his time oughta be up:

Stephen Harper is trolling his homeland media. The Canadian Club retracted an invitation to reporters looking to cover Harper’s return from lurking. But the ex-PM did a friendly interview with New York Public Radio—addressing a U.S. liberal fascination with the strains of conservative Canada. For locals looking to hear from book-plugging former prime ministers, though, Jean Chrétien sounds happy to trash Trump.

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The Ontario chapter is celebrating its success in getting the province to exempt turban-wearers from having to put on helmets.

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