La Presse throws down the news industry gauntlet. The Desmarais family, owners of the French-language outlet that gave up on print, will donate $50 million to keep La Presse afloat as a non-profit if certain rules in Quebec are rewritten. If they are, the move is expected to have implications for other struggling publishers, even though Torstar claims to have a transformation strategy that isn’t reliant upon government grants. Rather than hoping for Silicon Valley to solve all the woes, though, Ottawa is still promising to back changes:

The federal NDP is contending with an allegation contagion. Christine Moore, who complained about fellow NDP MP Erin Weir’s behaviour—which got him kicked out of caucus—has now been suspended amidst an investigation into an allegation that she had an inappropriate sexual encounter with a veteran. Moore previously accused two Liberal MPs of misconduct, ending their political careers.

Steve Paikin is drawn and cornered.Dropping the writ” sounds like an acceptable term for what just happened, but The Agenda host was determined to tell everyone on Twitter that they’re wrong for using the phrase, no matter how many have disputed him:

“We need 20 people to play real people at a Ford nation rally.” News that some actors were offered $75 for six hours of cheering outside the CityNews debate supplied Doug Ford’s campaign with new scandal. But the Ontario PC leader pinned the ploy on Toronto Centre candidate Meredith Cartwright, who previously ran as a federal Liberal—and whose Twitter account vanished without a word.

There’s no business like the get-rich-quick business. Kevin O’Leary had to slash his fundraiser ticket prices, but demand is apparently still strong for his free Wealth Retreat, which will bring the upsell to two GTA spots in one day. Attention to these events seems to increase in sync with internet snark. We probably wouldn't know what goes down at stuff like "KryptoNight" without such coverage:

Bill and Ted Face the Music while dealing with middle age. A third film about the time-travelling duo is now happening 27 years after the last one, as Alex Winter joins Keanu Reeves, who will repreise the role that rescued him from a career of Canadian cinema purgatory. Now a new generation can be bewildered by how Keanu has been able to go through adult life generally looking like he does:

In and out of gas station rebrands. Mobil is ramping up across Canada after purchasing pumps attached to 213 stores owned by Loblaw. The arrival of this 1963 American wordmark coincides with the gradual return of Gulf, some 33 years after it was absorbed by Petro-Canada. Still, nobody knows what to do with the abandoned Joy oil station castle that remains preserved around Sunnyside.

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The text on some new buttons being distributed by the TTC to riders who feel they need one.

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