The half-nelson that halves city council. Just before the deadline to register for the October 22 election, Doug Ford announced that he plans to cut the number of Toronto wards from 47 to 25. Anyone still wanting to run in the suddenly crowded council race now has until September 14 to register.

Patrick Brown loses another one that hadn’t yet begun. Ford also plans to cancel regional chair elections for York and Peel, dashing Brown's latest dream. He had been sharing photos from every campaign stop, alongside his fiancée, Genevieve Gualtieri. Last weekend, she had a bridal shower, which obviously was all over his Instagram: “Can’t wait to make her Mrs. Brown.”

Private pot sales are about to grow in Ontario. Wholesale and distribution of the product will remain with the LCBO, although retail stores will no longer be limited to its bland brand. Just the kind of scoop someone at Queen’s Park would supply to Vice:

“Of course, a teacher is able to have a private discussion with a student to answer the questions.” Deputy premier Christine Elliott stirred more confusion with comments about how the sex-ed rollback shouldn’t exclude one-on-ones. The government will begin curriculum consultations in September—education minister Lisa Thompson has otherwise been elusive about the “2014 curriculum.”

The other side of stories from the Danforth. Dr. Najma Ahmed, the acting medical director of St. Michael’s Hospital, is now talking about the mass shooting aftermath. Danielle Kane, who rushed to the aid of a victim, is also having her story highlighted as she remains in intensive care. And tattoo store owner Tanya Wilson may be getting help from the city for the cost of cleaning up blood:

Cadillac Fairview claims map cameras provide a “better shopper experience.” Some exposed code in a store directory at the Chinook Centre in Calgary, shared on Reddit, brought attention to the fact that the CF mall is using facial recognition technology. The landlord admits that the system is nationwide:

“In My Feelings” is the most ubiquitous Drake ditty to date. Rolling Stone has an analysis of how the track turned into the rare rap record to ping wide pop-radio airplay. Credit is largely due to the #DoTheShiggy dance that involves jumping out of a moving car—a trend formally rebuked stateside by the National Transportation Safety Board.

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Lombray Ball, the man allegedly caught on tape yelling this at a Muslim family at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, has been charged with assault and threatening death.

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