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Adios 2016!

Its ridiclous and pointless to try and look back on all that takes place  at CFSK within a full year. Not only a full year but across 35 sessions per week and across 150 members.

Each session is like a mini adventure and within that each of us has our own unique experience of that adventure.

As a Coach my experience is a highly rewarding one. I get to see people make amazing improvements and accomplish things that they thought were impossible.

But for you the athlete it might be a totally different experience. You might be facing down some demons with a running/wall ball combo or you might be loving the misery of Thrusters every minute on the minute.. Whatever the experience, its your experience and no one can take that away from you. 

When we train or exercise or whatever we term it, we do it becase WE want to do it. It makes you feel physically strong, it helps you de-stress and sleep better, you enjoy the company. Whatever. No one needs to justify their choice. 

What I ask for 2017 is that members of CFSK do what they want in life and stand up for what they believe. And when doing so act with integirty, live with compassion and empathy and show care and love for those around you.



January 31st - 2106


CFSK Working Bee

Everyone knows that a CF gym can go from Hero to Zero in no time. Just look under the Wall Balls or around the Kettlebells of any decent looking gym and you'll know what I mean. These bad boys need constant upkeep and maintenance. 

In Novemebr we got a crew together to patch a few busted up bits and pieces at CFSK and give the space a quick clean up after its first 2 years at StK Road. 

While a CF gym is a working space, I think the days of the dingy garage type gym are thankfully well behind us (in Aus anyway) and more emphasis is being put on aesthetics and overall functionality of CF gyms.

Massive thanks to everyone that picthed in and helped out.

Awwww, purty....

Battle Of The Bluff

This was the 4th year for BOTB and this year CFSK had a full roster  of athletes. Pepp, Cam V, Em Grant, CJ, Ricky, Court, Clay and myself all took part.

Whilst its only a small intermediate level comp, Pete and Adam are highly respected as gym owners and their programming for Battle of The Bluff is always challenging, horrible and fun. If getting smashed by 55kg Deadballs is your idea of fun of course.....

It was a first comp for a few of the crew so the nerves were understandibly high before the first event. As alwasy though, as soon as its 3-2-1 Go, nerves are pretty much forgotten and its time to get moving.

Regardless of placing and event finishes I am so proud of how CFSK was represtented, the quality of movement and the positivity of our crew.




Em and CJ.


The 2016 BOTB Crew.

Moorabbin MasterBowl

This year was the 2nd year I had been involved in the Morrabbin Masterbowl held at CrossFit South Wharf.

Whilst I dont mind going up against young punks in competitions, its occasionally nice to compete against people of your own age and not get yr ass totally handed to you by someone 25years your junior...

I set myself a goal to be better prepared for this years event and it paid off with a 1st place finish in the 40-44division. It wasnt a huge field but I was still pretty happy with how I moved and how I paced each workout. Needless to say, at 65kg bodyweight, the 1rep max lifts are always going to put me behind the 8Ball. Age is but a number so I'm nore than happy to just keep lifting and trying to get stronger..

Lara Vadlau

We are extremely fortunate at CFSK with the number of visitors we get. Each week we have visitors from all around the globe.

With the Sailing World Cup Finals being held in Melb in December we were lucky to have Austrian Olympian Sailor Lara Vadlau train with us while she competed.

Big congratulations to Lara and her team mate who went on to win the 470 Class here in Melbourne.


Rob Forte Partners Cup

Super proud of these 3 for their efforts at this years Rob Forte Partner Cup.

While its easy to sit back and challenge the daily whiteboard, stepping up at legit intermediate Comps alongside seasoned reagonals Athletes is another thing altogether. Its like knowing how to swing a tennis racquet and thinking you can take on John McEnroe. Same sport, totally different game!

Dyl, Clay and Aimie all showed amazing tenacity when they competed at this years RFPC. Heavy barbells and decpetivly hard workout are a tricky combo and these three easily stepped up to the challenge.

CrossFit Teens

CFSK Xmas Picnic in The Park.

Some gyms do Paintball for Xmas, some hit the dancefloor, we hit the Park. (and then our crew MURDER the dancefloor!)


2016 was our 4th Annual Xmas Day WOD and probably our sweatiest. WTF!

Such a fun way to start the day and with such a diverse group of people we always have a good turn out.

Merry F#@N Xmas...

The CFSK Coaching Family.

The CFSK coaches are its heart and soul.

They embody the individualty, creativity and diversity that we all aspire to each and everyday. Whatever they do both inside and outside of the gym they do it with genuine passion and integrity.

I am grateful and thankful for all that they give to make CFSK what it is.

To Aimie, Ricky, Britt, Dawn, Sarah and Mallory - thankyou.







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