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1 May 2015 - The consultation starts here

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It’s a month since the launch of Cambridge Mathematics at the British Library. The debate on what form the framework, professional development, resources and assessment might take began there and I indicated how important it was to me that the maths education community should be involved in the ongoing conversation. That invitation begins now with the first of a series of questions over the next year. I look forward to your responses. 

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Question 1 - the structure of the framework

Questions will be posed as a number of sets of linked questions, these questions are relevant whether you are UK-based or an international colleague. 

The first set of questions looks at the structure of the Cambridge Mathematics Framework. There are various ways of 'cutting the maths' for a framework such as this. What are your views? Follow and join the conversation on the Cambridge Mathematics website

Launch highlights

The Cambridge Mathematics Framework was launched at a one-day conference at the British Library. Delegates in London were joined by international colleagues including from Egypt and South Africa. To watch the conference sessions and read the manifesto and framework, please follow the link below.

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