John Filion writes his way out of city hall. The journalist turned North York politician won’t be seeking re-election, because he thinks 36 years are enough. Filion endorsed two newbie candidates to represent his ward (which will be split in two in the next election, as part of the city's redistricting plan)—but Sue-Ann Levy tweeted a wish for “non-NDP blood.” The councillor replied with a timely tryout:

Renata Ford won’t be at the wheel for a while. After Rob Ford's death, his wife, Renata, was caught driving under the influence. Her guilty plea resulted in three years probation and 100 hours of community service, along with a two-year driving ban. She's still suing Doug and trying to start a new life with her kids. Meanwhile, the premier-designate’s massive caucus partied in DoFo's mother’s backyard.

“This isn’t just some internet troll mouthing off in a way that no one pays attention to and no one gives any credence to.” Jordan Peterson’s lawyer Howard Levitt commented on his client's decision to sue Wilfrid Laurier University for $1.5 million over the Lindsay Shepherd incident, in which Peterson's TVO debating was likened to a speech by Adolf Hitler. The claim follows a $3.6 million lawsuit filed by Shepherd. And so, the JBP show goes on:

Norman Hardie apologizes to all the women he made feel “marginalized, demeaned or objectified.” The celebrated vintner of Prince Edward County responded to a Globe and Mail feature about his interactions with women. Hardie says some of the allegations are true, and that he was already working on ending this type of behaviour at his company. Nonetheless, some restaurants have decided to remove his wines.

Jeremy Piven is trying to clear his name. The rats might’ve been exterminated from the kitchen at Yuk Yuk’s, but the Entourage star is there this weekend—and wants to refute a few claims about his conduct:

Wellington Cat Promenade will be a club district burial ground. Plans for two feline-themed parks around King and Spadina include demolishing the Addisons Residence. But the nightclub has at least three summers before those cat statues show up.

CBC News Network is falling off the money. “Budget issues” are to blame for On the Money being cancelled, ending three decades of a business talk slot on CBCNN. With dying cable viewership comes less dedicated funding: for the summer, at least, the channel will make the second half of each daytime hour a repeat of the first half.

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Early morning raids across the GTA led to the arrests of 70 people affiliated with the Five Point Generalz street gang.

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