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Strewn Two Vines Riesling Gewurztraminer 2017

Wednesday, March 20 marked the first day of spring and even though our ice age of a winter is ending, we are only just seeing the first signs of spring. With that in mind, warm, aromatic spices can bring a lift to your cuisine and your spirits this weekend, and the perfect wine pairing can be found in our own backyard. Strewn Two Vines Riesling Gewurztraminer is just the wine to take on your favourite spices and a little heat if you’re up to the challenge. Bring on the curry!

Tasting Notes: Strewn’s Two Vines Riesling Gewurztraminer leaps out of your glass with aromas of tropical fruit, lemongrass, spices and flowers. The flavours are ripe and just a touch sweet, with peach, lychee, citrus and pineapple fruit all balanced by bright acidity which carries through to the finish.

Enjoy With: Curries and other foods with exotic spices like Thai or Indian fare, as well as pork with fruit glazes such as pineapple or apple. If you like your food spicy, the touch of sweetness in this wine will balance the heat from all your favourite peppers.

Style: An off-dry, fruity, medium-bodied white wine.

Terroir/Region: Strewn’s wines are certified by the Vintner’s Quality Alliance (VQA), Canada’s wine certification board. VQA is our answer to European wine certification systems such as France’s AOC system, which is considered the mother of them all. VQA focuses on using 100% locally grown grapes to encourage producers to discover the terroir of their region and capture it in their wines.

Producer: The site of the Strewn winery has been well-known for over 70 years, going back to when the buildings housed a cannery for Niagara fruit growers. Eventually the cannery closed and in 1997, vines were planted and the Strewn winery was founded. The original buildings are still used and have been renovated to house the winery, restaurant and cooking school that make up Strewn.

Availability: Strewn Two Vines Riesling Gewurztraminer is available in the Ontario section of your local LCBO and right now it’s $1.00 off until March 31giving you another reason to stock up!

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Price: Save $1.00 until March 31, 2019.  Now $12.95

LCBO#: #467622

Size: 750mL

Alcohol Content: 11.8% alc./vol.