Rebel Edge is a safer space for “controversial favourites.” Ezra Levant has been having problems explaining how The Rebel can host the ranting of Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes and still be taken seriously. Now, a solution: putting McInnes on an offfshoot channel. (Fittingly, the Onion’s parody of Vice was also called Edge, and had a similar tagline.)

Canada: The Story of Us is now all apologies. CBC Television’s miniseries was initially promoted as being about Canada’s role in events like the Beatles breaking up—complete with an introduction from Justin Trudeau—but the governments of Nova Scotia and Quebec are now among those taking umbrage at how their history is portrayed. The producers have acknowledged that they can't make everyone happy. They'll try to placate complainers with a greater insult: “live digital conversations.”

HMV Canada is working for its last weekend. The final liquidations will end two weeks ahead of schedule. Most of the mall locations will flip to Sunrise Records, whose plan to let each store tailor its selection to local tastes is viewed by some as insane. The vacating 333 Yonge store has managed to ditch most of the detritus. (The $10 staff T-shirt "souvenirs" were among the hardest bargains.)

Canadian Music Week drops rapper over lyrics that are “violently sexist.” The festival had Hopsin’s show at the Phoenix Concert Theatre under its banner until a petition drew attention to “All Your Fault,” inspired by a relationship that culminated in an assault charge and restraining order. The show will go on, but without any CMW involvement.

Triumph reunited to proclaim that they will never play again. SIriusXM's Eddie Trunk came to Toronto to interview the trio, estranged for 20 years until a 2007 reunion that culminated in one concert in Sweden. There won’t be another, but a Triumph documentary is almost complete, focused on the early role that computers played in rock ’n’ roll.

A podcast about a killer with no memory of what she did. First Day Back, which was originally about documentarian Tally Abecassis returning to work, makes an unusual pivot for its second season: now, it's focused on a woman in Lanark County, Ontario who was convicted of manslaughter for shooting and killing her common-law husband in 2010. Recently out of prison, Lucie Paquette claims she can’t actually recall what happened.

Thor Eaton dead at 73. One of the four heirs to Timothy Eaton who inherited the department store dynasty, he promoted Canada's train-travelling answer to Woodstock, the Festival Express, and was married to the occasionally outspoken senator Nicole Eaton. The couple recently had a supporting role in nightlife impresario Roel Bramer’s fight to retain membership in the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club.

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York Regional Police showed off how a helicopter, thermal imaging cameras and a canine unit helped nab three lads who stole from Canada's Wonderland.

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