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20 August 2015 - big picture maths

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The short term planning of the substantial work on the Cambridge Mathematics Framework is going according to plan. The responses to the questions I have posed on the site to date have been helpful and supplemented by many conversations with a range of interested and informed colleagues.

Currently we are exploring several different presentations. We know we want to include lots of different aspects of learning mathematics. Internationally most curricula do this by using subject content as the substantial structure and then writing paragraphs about processes, attitudes, connections and so on. The launch model of the Cambridge Mathematics Framework also began with content but subsequently we have been exploring other starting points and this has lead us down all sorts of paths!

Our current thinking is to not worry about what the eventual Framework should look like, but instead try to bring together a ‘big picture’ which emphasises connections and which can subsequently be used to surface various aspects such as content and reasoning which will be useful for the different purposes of professional development, assessment and resource development.

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Question 6 - big picture maths

What should a ‘big picture’ of learning maths contain?

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