Justin Trudeau and the bus under which Jody Wilson-Raybould was thrown. A transit funding announcement in Winnipeg became the stage for the PM to say he didn’t know why a Liberal cabinet minister had resigned. As the SNC-Lavalin storm swirls, Wilson-Raybould’s situation has continued to be a topic of apparent subtweeting from fellow MPs:

RuPaul becomes Maxime Bernier’s new target for “government-sponsored leftist logic.” Brooke Lynn Hytes, the first Canadian competitor on RuPaul’s Drag Race, got a nod via @Canada. The government tweet drew scorn from the People’s Party leader. In response, finance minister Bill Morneau invited Bernier to Church and Wellesley.

Marcella Zoia had selfies to match her status as the most wanted woman in town. The alleged balcony-furniture-tosser surrendered to police before dawn in her Moose Knuckles parka. Criminal charges verified what was previously guessed to be the 19-year-old’s now-deleted Instagram account, which such a story can clearly never live without:

Tony Clement gets re-covered in Rolling Stone. The now-independent MP returned to work after his two alleged sexting extortionists were charged in the Ivory Coast. Now, events surrounding Jeff Bezos have landed Clement on a Matt Taibbi listicle: “History’s 10 Most Significant Dick Pic Scandals.”

Where has No Name® beer been our entire lives? Loblaw spent 41 years sitting on a keg that could delight both six-pack addicts and Don Watt font fans. Now it’s here—thanks to buck-a-beer. But the idea had a cross-border past at Bells, back when the U.S. supermarket chain was operated by Loblaw:

“We fondly say, go fuck yourself Trump” crossed a line at the Toronto Star. The newspaper that’s most obsessed with POTUS fact-checks has joined the chorus of clients upset with Non Sequitur comic artist Wiley Miller for offering his profane political opinions in the corner of a strip. Miller now says it was a scribble that he intended to later white out:

Jennifer Valentyne gets another try at television breakfast. After being fired by Citytv in 2016, the Breakfast Television fixture resurfaced with John Derringer at Q107. But the radio role turned out to be Valentyne’s stepping stone back to TV. Corus has roped her into a new crew at Global News Morning.

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