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Mia Mojito Frizzante

We found the perfect summer refresher for this weekend!  Mia Mojito Frizzante is a fresh flavoured sparkling wine available for only a limited time at the LCBO (until the end of August).  Flavoured wines are having a renaissance with more natural flavours and less sweetness. With its lower alcohol, Mia Mojito is perfect for sipping on warm summer afternoons.


Tasting Notes:  The colour is bright pale lemon. The nose is very refreshing, highlighting the perfect combination of fresh citrus, mint and an elegant floral touch. The light fine bubbles on the palate and the crisp finish make Mia Mojito Frizzante a very refreshing drink.

Enjoy With:  Summer appetizers like melon and prosciutto or watermelon and feta.  Serve over ice with fresh lime and mint leaves for a tasty treat.

Style:  Off-dry and fruity sparkling wine.

Terroir/Region:  Mia embodies the Barcelona lifestyle through its fun and exciting new wines. Having fun in the sun and drinking wine with friends is a fundamental part of the Spanish culture. One sip of the Mia Mojito and you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to the beautiful beaches of Barcelona.

Producer:  Mia, or “mine” in Spanish, was founded to create wines that everyone could relate to. Gloria Collell, the winemaker for Mia, always dreamed of creating high-quality, easy-drinking Spanish wines for a younger generation of wine drinkers. The essence of Mía is a respect for the past combined with a forward way of thinking. This is all inspired by the style and vibrancy of Barcelona, which is Gloria’s home. Basically, think of Mía as colour, sunshine and Barcelona in a bottle.

Availability:  The Mia Mojito is available now in the flavoured wine section and seasonal wine displays at the LCBO, but only for a limited time!

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Price: $11.95

LCBO#:  483347

Size: 750 mL

Alcohol Content: 7.5% alc./vol.