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Fast and efficient analysis of genome data

A software tool that can analyse common genetic variations associated with human diseases and traits.

Prevention of influenza

A universal vaccine that targets the antibody found on the surface of influenza virus.

Advanced printing methods

Printing methodology capable of depositing lines of silver nanoparticles from a 300μm nozzle.

Automated diagnosis of bacterial growth

Software capable of reading digital images of microbial growth under different antibiotic conditions.

Improved electrocatalyst

A waste reducing electrocatalyst that can be applied to electrochemical sensors, fuel cells, and medical imaging.

Future generation

An ultrafast quantum random number generator, capable of extracting highly sensitive information securely.

Algorithm for clustering large genetic datasets

A fully automated method for cluster analysis of multiple gene expression datasets.

High speed optical quantum memory

Novel fibre-based quantum memory that allows for on-demand storage and retrieval of broadband light pulses with zero noise.

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