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peta at bunbury

WARC won nine events at the Bunbury regatta

Welcome to the new-look WARC newsletter. Hopefully.

We're not sure you're going to get this, or what it will look like when you do, but here's hoping the pictures and the text come up trumps because we're pretty keen to improve communication around WARC for 2008!

We're also not sure who is or isn't on the distribution list... so if you want to unsubscribe, click the link at the bottom of the page.

This year, we hope to use this html-style website to send newsletters to our members, rather than have to rely on an email and attached PDF. If anyone actually knows how to use Dreamweaver (becuase I don't and can't figure out how to make the yellow on the LHS of the screen sit properly and not run words off into the blue abyss) please contact me on because I'd seriously love some advice. Even if you can just help set up a template, we can edit it afterward!

Anyway, apart from that: WHAT A START to the 2008 competitive season. On Friday (this morning if you got it) morning we had about 50 athletes completing LABA sessions, runs and ergs. The youngest was probably 14... the oldest verging on 50. That all this is happening under my watch is nothing short of amazing. We are 20 points behind first place on the pennant table (or about four wins) and 80 points clear of third (about 11 wins!) Even Rowing WA has passed on their congratulations to us this early in the season.

Latest status scores

ANA: 257
WARC: 226

 ana regatta
ANA regatta: visit their site

First cab off the rank: The ANA regatta

This is a 1000m event and the second of the pennant regattas. Entries will be lodged on Sunday and boat loading will be next Saturday morning before we head out to Bayswater for the event. We've got a pretty strong squad despite the fact it's a public holiday so if yo'ure not rowing, please do consider coming out and supporting the ever-growing cast at WARC.

For newbies to racing: The day is likely to start somewhere in the vicinity of 7am-ish and knock off in time for dinner. We will be re-rigging and washing boats on Saturday night so please allow that for those coming to unloading.


For the diary

Sat May 24: Erg test
Sat May 24: Marathon
Sun May 25: ANA entries in
Tue May 27: Alt 6km time trial
Tue May 27: Captain's meeting
Sat May 31: ANA regatta

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door code

tThe lock code is due to change.
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Door change signals end of freebie rowing

The WARC database has been updated and the financiers are crossing "t"s and dotting "i"s to make sure all active members have both filled out a form and paid up (or organised to pay) their membership fees.

All memberships expired on April 1. (except for life members... hi guys!). If you have not filled out a form and paid membership fees since that day, you are not an active member and will not receive the door code. You are also not covered by our insurance policy and we will ask that you stop rowing until you become a financial member.

However, the good news is that most (in fact, almost all) current active members are paid up and registered, so thanks guys.

And we'll investigate online registration for the 2009 season.




Chasing some new kit? Superstar Amy Walters is the WARC merchandise officer, she can be contacted on


Albany Masters Games

Five WARC's Masters rowers travelled to Albany to compete in the WA Masters Games earlier this year. The WARC gang was joined by rowers from ANA, SRRC, FRC, Albany Rowing Club and Scotch Old Boys.

Albany is an 800 metre course with one hell of a short stop before a bridge especially if you drift too wide, so proved a challenge for the local gang.

  • WARC took out the following events:
  • WB2- - Gold - Kim Scully & Debbie Mason
  • WC4- - Gold - Kim Scully, Carolyn Murdoch, Debbie Mason & Dee Sammut
  • WC4X- - Gold - Kim Scully, Debbie Mason, Carolyn Murdoch, & Dee Sammut
  • WC2X- - Bronze - Carolyn Murdoch & Dee Sammut
  • MixE4X- Bronze - Carolyn Murdoch, Dee Sammut (and two of the Albany men's contingent)
  • MD2X- - Gold - Graham Walker (& Ian Hilton ANA)
  • MD4X- - Gold - Graham Walker (Ian Hilton, Dougall McCallum & James Carpenter - ANA)
  • MixC4X- Gold - Debbie Mason (Pam Riley, John Westall, Zvonko Drobne - ANA)
  • MixD2X- Gold - Debbie Mason (John Westall - ANA)

And of course copious amounts of alcohol and food were woofed down afterwards as all this took place in the space of four hours and most competitors didn't get much time to fuel up along the way.

The rowers who travelled to Albany were all grateful to the ANA club for transporting the WARC boats to and from the regatta and for including WARC members in some of their events. Also for all the fun they had at the after regatta party :-)

And from the rest of WARC, congratulations to our WARC members who totally cleaned up!

Lockers and stuff

Sick of carting stuff to rowing and back? Hire a WARC locker for $20 per annum (we even throw in the key) from men's vice captain Peter Tomic on and you'll be sorted out in no time.





Details of teh 2008 rowing marathon - featuring a bunch of WARC's rowers to come.



And that's the lot! If you have any questions or comments about the newsletter, please email or call the captain, Peta Rule on 0414 282 448. Cheers!
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