Airbnb hopes it sold the city on home sharing. The latest local advertising from the short-term rental service has been overwhelmingly geared toward winning over councillors, who will vote on home-sharing regulations this week. But there seems to be less sympathy for a Radio City condo owner who's trying to prevent his building's board from blocking paid guests. His attempt to crowdfund the arbitration process remains a long way from $60K.

“This isn’t my idea of a threesome.” Conservative MP James Bezan apologized to Liberal MP Sherry Romanado, who called him out in the House of Commons for a quip during a shared photo op in May. (He was cleared of sexual harrassment charges after she filed an official complaint.) Last month, Conservative MP Alice Wong accused Liberal MP Adam Vaughan of "elder abuse,” for what she saw as intimidation on a bus—for which he also apologized.

Gregg Zaun’s apology is big on the word “ignorance.” Sportsnet’s former baseball “manalyst” blamed his own lack of decorum in a regretful statement about his workplace indiscretions. While there’s been no official explanation of what exactly Zaun did to get fired—and Rogers has said there were no allegations of physical or sexual assault involved—the dismissal shed light on how some female Sportsnet staffers felt behind the scenes. For now, Zaun's statement enters the pantheon of carefully worded social media small print:

CBC is seeking $4.99 more per month. The public broadcaster's new video app will have an ad-free subscription tier—which could be seen as a cynical ploy aimed at critics who wonder why CBC has any ads at all. Meanwhile, the push against pirated content continues at Bell Canada, which is leading a coalition of companies who want ISPs to block all unauthorized sources of viewing.

Solving the mystery of an ancient Toronto skyline. Walter Shaub, the American government ethics lawyer who couldn’t deal with Donald Trump, was in Toronto on Sunday when he did an interview for CNN—but there was a defunct logo in the background air: Eaton’s, above the mall that bears its name. Curiosity from CBC reporter John Lancaster led to speculation about how old the backdrop was. Pedro Marques, who tweets as @MetroManTO, figured its date for March 2001, and hit As It Happens to explain:

Lauren Southern and Laura Loomer battle kicks off the search for the shittiest Twitter account. The annual bracket to decide the most execrable tweeting personality pits these two former Rebel Media ladies against each other in the very first round. Another former Rebel staffer, Jack Posobiec, faces Jenna Jameson in the “Rotten Tire Region,” named for the time Loomer mistook a blowout for a targeted slash. (Fear not, the left side of the spectrum is also represented, including Globe and Mail columnist Sarah Kendzior.) In other ex-Rebel news, Faith Goldy turned up in the pages of the New Yorker, in a story about her gonzo Charlottesville reportage that wasn't necessarily so flattering.

Shoppers Drug Mart has a pot supplier now. After claiming that a recent job posting for a marijuana brand manager was purely preparatory, the chain struck a five-year deal with Vancouver cannabis producer Aphria, even though medical sales are still limited to mail order only. Give legalization time to settle in, though, and the new Shoppers moving in at Yonge and Dundas could still end up being recognized as the World’s Biggest Weed Store.

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Toronto Police poet David Hopkinson threw in this detail while tweeting about a naked man spotted running down the street and into Woodbine subway station.

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