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Monthly Updates | January 2019

In this newsletter you will find information about the following topics:


1. British Film Days 2019

2. Cambridge International Online Registration May - June 2019

3. Famelab® Cyprus 2019 is now open for applications!

4. Cambridge Assessment English: Support for A2 Key and B1 Preliminary 2020 exams

5. Schools Now! Online Conference 6-7 March 2019

6. PSGN Online Support for Schools

7. Culture Bridges is looking for EU-based study tour organizers



8. ABRSM Music Exam 2019 Dates, Fees and Entry Deadlines

9. Going Global 2019 - Call for poster proposals

10. Road to IELTS is now available on mobile

11. IELTS Test Dates 2019 released

12. English for the Workplace - free online course

13. Voices Magazine

14. Learning Time with Timmy


1. British Film Days 2019



Film Festival

The British High Commission and the British Council in Cyprus present their first film festival, in collaboration with Friends of Cinema Society.

The screening of 'Amy' on the 11 January at Cine Studio, located within the University of Nicosia, marks the opening of the British film Days 2019; a film festival taking place on 11-13 January 2019 at Cine Studio showcasing a selection of screenings.

  • 11 January at 21.00 - Amy
  • 12 January at 20.00 - Hitchcock
  • 13 January at 20.00 - Darkest Hour

Free entry for all screenings.

More details

2. Cambridge International Online Registration May - June 2019

Online Registration for Cambridge International May/June 2019 is now open

The registration period for the Cambridge International May/June 2019 exam session is now open.  The last day to register is Wednesday, 6 February 2019. 

Please note that from Thursday, 7 February 2019 until Tuesday, 2 April 2019 we will be accepting entries with late fee.

As the deadline to submit the entries of your candidates is Wednesday, 6 February 2019, please make sure that you upload your entries the latest by Tuesday, 5 February, so if you face any problems when uploading the entries, we will be able to help you. 

Be informed that Cambridge International changed the option codes for the IGCSE English as a Second Language exams – 0510 and 0511 for May/June 2019 session.


Access Arrangements

If you have candidates with Access Arrangements, you have to send us the medical report (the medical should be in English and a recent one) immediately after you complete the registration.  If you have candidates who are requesting Modified paper, please contact us before you register the candidate as the deadline is Thursday, 10 January 2019.

The schools team will be able to help you with any issues until 6 February 13.00.

Register now

3. Famelab® Cyprus 2019 is now open for applications!


If you think you can explain a scientific concept to a general audience in just three minutes, then why not enter FameLab®? You could become the new face of science, represent Cyprus at the FameLab® International final in the UK, and open doors to global opportunities in science communication!


Who can apply?

The competition is open to anyone aged 18 or over working in or studying science, technology, engineering, mathematics or medicine with a very good knowledge of the English language – Undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, professors, scientists and researchers are all welcome to apply!


Can you explain a scientific concept to a lay audience in just three minutes?

The Prizes

The ten finalists win a two-day ‘MasterClass’ in science communication lead by a qualified UK trainer, where they will learn media and presentation skills. The three top finalists will win first, second and third prize awards.

The overall FameLab® Cyprus winner will win an all expenses paid trip to the Cheltenham Science Festival in Cheltenham, UK to compete in the FameLab® International competition.

First Prize: 1000 euro

Second Prize: 500 euro

Third Prize: 250 euro


Deadline for application: Friday 15 February 2019

Apply now

4. Cambridge Assessment English: Support for A2 Key and B1 Preliminary 2020 exams

A2 Key and B1 Preliminary 2020 exam changes

In January 2020, Cambridge Assessment English, is updating the A2 Key, A2 Key for Schools, B1 Preliminary and B1 Preliminary for Schools exams. This will see the launch of a new exam format, revised tasks and better overall alignment with higher level Cambridge English Qualifications. 

To support you through these changes, a dedicated website has been created by Cambridge Assessment English where you can find more information, updated sample papers, vocabulary lists and teaching handbooks.




Download free resources and find out about Cambridge Assessment English Official Preparation Materials to help you understand the updates.

Visit the website

5. Schools Now! Online Conference 6-7 March 2019

Pathways to Resilience: strategic leadership in a changing environment.

Schools Now! Online Conference is a global conference for school leaders and education managers from all partner schools that are part of the British Council Partner Schools Global Network.

This is the fourth British Council Schools Now! Conference and it will be an online event taking place from 6-7 March 2019. It is free to register and take part in this conference so put these dates in your diary and we look forward to you joining us at School Now! 2019.



The theme of the two-day online conference is Pathways to Resilience: strategic leadership in a changing environment. The conference aims to consider strategies to build up the resilience of students to navigate their formal education and overcome challenges along the way to reach their potential in their lives beyond the classroom.

Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN)

In order to access the PSGN Online Support for Schools platform you need to become a member of PSGN.

For more information and to activate your membership please contact Natasha Apostolidou, the Exams Business Pursuit and Account Relationship Manager.

More information

6. PSGN Online Support for Schools

New modules in 2018-2019

School members of the PSGN can have access to the Online Support for Schools (OSS) platform. The OSS includes online modules for teachers and tools for school leaders, and every month new modules are released. This month the following two new modules have been released focusing on the following:

Engaging with thinking skills in the classroom: Improve your learners' performance. Take this module and immediately start promoting the use of thinking skills in every lesson.

Understanding approaches to inclusive learning: Reflect on diversity in your school and learn how to find out more about your learners and address diversity in the classroom.

Take both of these modules and share your reflections in the related discussion forums.


Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN) Teacher Training

In order to access the PSGN Online Support for Schools platform you need to become a member of PSGN.

For more information and to activate your membership please contact Natasha Apostolidou, the Exams Business Pursuit and Account Relationship Manager.

More information

7. Culture Bridges is looking for EU-based study tour organizers

Developing partnerships among Ukrainian and EU organisations.

The Culture Bridges is looking for organisations based in the EU that will host the study tours in their respective countries and provide advisory and logistical support. 

More details

Open call for the EU-organisations

The Organiser can propose the focus and the programme of the study tour, based on their knowledge of the local cultural sector and the successful Creative Europe projects implemented in the host country.

It is expected that study tours will be organised in May-July 2019. The objectives of the study tours are: raising awareness of opportunities offered by the Creative Europe programme; building capacity for cross-border cooperation and project development; networking; partner-finding; project / application development; and strengthening links between cultural operators in Ukraine and the EU member states.

Deadline for proposals is 15 January 2019.


8. ABRSM Music Exam 2019 Dates, Fees and Entry Deadlines

Application deadlines 2019

Theory Application 2019

  • Dates of Entry for 02 March 2019 Exam: Registration closed
  • Dates of Entry for 22 June 2019 Exam: 26 February - 14 March 2019
  • Dates of Entry for 02 November 2019 Exam: 26 August - 12 September 2019

Practical Application 2019

  • Practical Session 1 - May - June 2019
    Dates of Entry: 7 - 28 January 2019

  • Practical Session 2 - November - December 2019
    Dates of Entry: 1 - 22 July 2019
Download registration forms

Important notes

  • Any forms received after the specified deadline will be charged with €30 late entry fee.
  • All registrations with the deposit slip should be received by the British Council within 5 days of payment.
  • We DO NOT accept entries by fax

Child protection

The British Council will not allow children under the age of 18 to leave the premises alone at the end of the examination, unless there is a consent form.


9. Going Global 2019 - Call for poster proposals

Type of proposal

A poster to be displayed at the conference that engages with the theme in order to discuss with delegates.


Going Global poster proposals

Calling all academics! Could you advance the debate at Going Global 2019, the British Council's conference for leaders in higher education?

Find out how you can do exactly that by submitting a text poster proposal.

The call for poster proposals closes on Monday 21 January.

More information

10. Road to IELTS is now available on mobile

What will you get in this new version?

1. Road to IELTS now runs on all devices: mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. This means IELTS prep time fits in with the needs of test takers: sitting a full practice test at home, or working on Listening exercises on the bus. And all activity syncs between devices.

2. There’s a complete redesign with a user experience focus. It’s clear, smooth, and directed at the needs and expectations of the IELTS generation.



3. Lots of new content: new activities in the Reading, Writing and Listening sections; new questions throughout; high resolution redrawn graphs for Writing Part 1; comprehensive error-checking and proofreading. It’s more relevant, looks better and more closely matches the needs of IELTS test takers.

Find out more

11. IELTS Test Dates 2019 released


We would like to inform you that the IELTS test dates for 2019 have been released.

Taking IELTS opens doors – it can help you live, study and work around the world. 10,000 organisations in over 140 countries accept IELTS, including government, academic and employment institutions.


You can now check the available upcoming written test dates in Cyprus.

There are limited number of places for all our IELTS test sessions. To make sure you get a place, we recommend that you register two months before your chosen test date. Of course, places may be available after this date. You can use our Online Registration System to find up-to-date information about test dates and availability.

Learn more

12. English for the Workplace - free online course

Online course

English for the Workplace is a free online course for people who are learning English and who are interested in developing English language skills for employability and workplace contexts. It will help job seekers and young professionals with the English they need to find a job and successfully function in the workplace. The course takes workplace English as its starting point and offers functional language phrases and real, authentic workplace scenarios.



English for the Workplace runs for four weeks from 7 January 2019. Users can register right up till the last day.


13. Voices Magazine

Can sunshine help you sleep better and wake up earlier?

Do you find it hard to wake up in the mornings? Chloe Fung Choi Yi, who won the FameLab science communication contest in Hong Kong, has some research-based tips that may help.

Why are some of us ‘morning people’, and some of us ‘night owls’?

[Photo © lensnmatter, licensed under CC BY 2.0 and adapted from the original]

Read the blog post

What's different about interning at a social enterprise?

Can you learn different skills at a social enterprise? Are you more likely to become an entrepreneur yourself? Chad Lubelsky of the J. W. McConnell Family Foundation  answers our questions, just before the deadline for UK and Canadian students to join social enterprises as interns in each other's countries.

Why should students intern with a social enterprise as supposed to another sort of business?

[Image © Theen Moy, licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA and adapted from the original]

Read the blog post

14. Learning Time with Timmy

Learning Time with Timmy is a fun and effective way for your child to learn English.

It is designed for children aged 2-6 learning English as an additional language, as well as very young native English speakers.

Introducing English to your child between the ages of two and six allows them:

  • to learn English when it comes to them most naturally
  • to learn English at the best age to master good pronunciation
  • to improve their language skills and self-confidence.


Watch the Learning Time with Timmy video series

Learning Time with Timmy features 26 five-minute episodes and songs that make learning really fun! Subscribe to the channel to watch high-quality content developed with British Council, world experts in teaching English.

Download the apps

Did you know that Timmy has three brilliant learning apps to help your little lambs learn new words, numbers, colours and shapes? Watch the show AND have fun on the tablet or phone, too! 

Find out more

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