“I believe Bill Cosby.” Vox’s headline after the declaration of a mistrial was a reminder that the comedian admitted to slipping women sedatives prior to sexual encounters, even if a jury left things unresolved. A conviction may have never been in the air, but with 10 civil lawsuits hanging over Cosby and the prosecution trying again, accuser Andrea Constand returns to Toronto with this thought:

Senator suing the government after slipping in the Centre Block cafeteria. Fabian Manning claims a slip on a clear liquid two years ago caused him enough ailments to demand $250,000 plus damages. But the fall didn’t stop him from performing his duties the next day. The Conservative senator did miss some work in May 2011, however, after his car hit a moose near his home in rural Newfoundland. (The moose died.)

Rebel reporter stormed a stage in the name of free speech. Laura Loomer, a new addition to Ezra Levant’s stable, was arrested at the NYC production of Julius Ceasar featuring its knifed title character dressed up like Donald Trump. Rebel headquarters were quick on the draw to fundraise via FreeLaura.com—a domain name apparently registered six hours before the incident—and Loomer has collected more than $10,000 to defend a stunt that carries a less extravagant penalty.

The big ask from newspapers: $350 million a year. Publishers formally submitted a request to Ottawa for a Canadian Journalism Fund, with the goal of reimbursing 35 per cent of salaries capped at $85,000—an amount considered consistent with government support for other media. Among other benefits, it would allow Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey to leave the properties in salvageable shape, while scaling back print. (The legacy of the National Post would have to suck it up.)

LaCroix is trying to perpetuate a pronunciation crock. The sparkling water fibbed about being distributed in Canada for the first time—it's been in Western Canada for a while and was available at the ill-fated Target—and with that comes the corporate diktat that its name rhymes with "enjoy." But four out of five store employees reached in Alberta and B.C. weren't falling for it, effectively validating the bilingualism enshrined in our national anthem.

Marcia Brady turned out to fete Frank D’Angelo. The Neighborhood premiered at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. The red carpet featured some stars of D'Angelo's sixth annual feature film: Danny Aiello, Giancarlo Giannini, Franco Nero—and recurring fixture Daniel Baldwin. But the presence of The Brady Bunch star suggests that the apple juice auteur has finally found a worthy muse.

Robert Campeau dead at 93. The flamboyant developer from Ottawa had a vision for the Toronto waterfront in 1972, which turned out a little too bleak once it was built—symbolized by the Harbour Castle's revolving restaurant topper ceasing to rotate after business didn't pan out. Condos were also a tough sell at the time, leading Campeau to sell after interest rates soared, opting to focus on luxury U.S. retail, at least until he was ousted from his firm due to debt and moved to an Austrian chateau

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Trump Toronto will be rebranded with this name if Marriott International's top bid to take over the hotel and tower follows through.

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