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Pisse-Dru Beaujolais AOC

When it comes to French wine, every region has its own character, its own local characters, and its own catchphrases. In the Beaujolais region of southern Burgundy, "ça pisse dru" is French slang used when making wine. The meaning is that the fresh juice of the new vintage tastes great and will grow into a delicious final wine. The team at Patriarche brought this phrase to the world when it became the name of its Beaujolais. Pisse-Dru also happens to be $2 off until January 31!

Tasting Notes: Pisse-Dru Beaujolais is 100% Gamay with a bright and lively expression of red cherry and raspberry fruit, floral touches, sweet earthy notes, and a clean finish to bring you back for another sip.

Enjoy With: Appetizers, finger foods, charcuterie, light pastas, poultry dishes, fish like salmon or trout, soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert, or as a delightful sip on its own. It’s best served with a light chill, so put your bottle into the fridge for 20-30 minutes before opening!

Style: A light, fresh, fruity red wine. 

Terroir / Region: The Beaujolais region lies at the southern end of Burgundy, France and is the home of the Gamay grape. This region is made up of 10 sub-regions or ‘crus’ with each cru showing different characteristics – some fresh and floral, some deep and full – which can be appreciated on their own or blended into a full expression of the region.

Producer: Old school but definitely not falling behind, Pisse-Dru has been made by Patriarche since 1955 and is a Canada-wide favourite. The Quebecois are such big fans that the winery made a special bottling to help Montreal celebrate its 375th anniversary in 2017. Merci!

Availability: Pisse-Dru Beaujolais is available in the France section of your local LCBO or for online ordering. Add a little French slang to your vocabulary and remember, grab a bottle before January 31 and save $2.00!


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Price: Now $11.95 Was $13.95 Save $2.00 until Jan. 31, 2021
LCBO#: 2881
Size: 750mL
Alcohol Content:12.5% alc./vol.