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Angove Organic Shiraz 2017

Angove Organic Shiraz 2017

We talk a lot about organic wine these days, but what has to happen to make a wine organic? First, no synthetic sprays or fertiliser can be used in your vineyards. You have to keep that up for a few years BEFORE you get your certification. Then if you want to stay certified, your status needs to be checked annually. That’s just your grapes – you can also quit here to make wine that is, “Made using organic grapes”. If you really want to make organic wine, your entire winery needs to be certified, again with annual check-ups! This week’s wine is Angove Organic Shiraz 2017, a certified organic shiraz (not just the grapes) that is leading the renaissance of Australian Shiraz, and it’s vegan friendly too!

Tasting Notes: Deep red with purple hues, this wine displays good intensity of dark berry fruit aromas, succulent plums, and black cherries. The palate is full, with luscious flavours of plums and blackberry with just a hint of spice. The finish is soft, mouth-filling and long.

Enjoy With: Grilled red meats, or grilled meatless meats, hard cheeses, and vegan ravioli are all top of the menu when you have this bottle open.

Style: A dry, full-bodied, and smooth red wine.

Terroir/Region: Sourced from vineyards across the premium growing regions of South Australia where the continental climate, sandy loam soils and abundant sunshine ensure grapes ripen perfectly with great depth of flavour. South Australia is the “wine capital” down under and the state’s wineries, beaches, and stunning wildlife are as big a draw for Aussies as they are for international guests.

Producer: Angove has been certified organic for over a decade and a lot has been learned over that time. They attribute the quality of their wines to their organic practices and learning that healthy soil makes for happy vines. From using organic mulches to growing different grasses between the vine rows, the Angove team works to keep the soil perfect for vines. Part of that is keeping good bugs around and getting rid of unwanted ones, occasionally calling in their team of ducks to take care of pests that just won’t leave!

Availability: Angove Organic Shiraz 2017 is available in the Australia section or the Organic section of your local LCBO and is available for online ordering and home delivery. Grab a bottle or stock up now to take advantage of a $2.00 discount going until July 20th!

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Price: $12.95

LCBO#: 572115

Size: 750mL

Alcohol Content: 14% alc./vol.