The second-least-liked tweeter in Washington, D.C.  After months of agitating against all things Trump, David Frum tweeted his hot take on the Alexandria, Virginia, baseball field shooting that wounded Republican representative Steve Scalice. The tweet might’ve been the last straw for Frum’s old GOP pals, and seems to have elevated the “axis of evil” coiner to a whole new level of antipathy:

Sentimental alien gets closer to stardom. Jonny Sun, the U of T engineering graduate now pursuing a PhD at MIT, was profiled by the New York Times Magazine on the publication of his book, everyone’s a aliebn when ur a aliebn too. The piece attempts to explain the “humour” of @jonnysun’s Twitter-specific non-jokes; the 27-year-old credits MSN Chat for helping him find his textual voice as a shy teenager, and now thinks he's breaking stereotypes.

“twitter suspended me bc I was impolite to straight people mocking the Pulse massacre. they have not apologized and I will not apologize.” Anthony Oliveira, a U of T English PhD, was temporarily tweetless after revealing the real name of a belligerent user offering the standard fulminations about how heterosexuals don't have parades. Now, Oliveira hopes to find a somehow friendlier platform for such popular thoughts:

The worst people online seem to live in Alberta. Calgary police arrested the man behind the Twitter account @CanadaCreep, charging Jeffrey Williamson with voyeurism and distributing voyeuristic material related to three separate incidents, with more charges expected to follow. Meanwhile, blogger Barry Winters, of Edmonton, has been charged with promoting hatred against an identifiable group, sparking arguments about whether his trolling can be considered criminal.

They paved a parking lot to put up a canine paradise. Ahead of its official June 28 re-opening, Berczy Park, located beneath the flatiron Gooderham Building, is already being deemed a sensation for its massive dog fountain. Prior to the park’s creation the space housed historic buildings, demolished around 1967 for an urban renewal project that was never actually built. It became a car lot until 1980, when it was turned into a park named for William Berczy. Now, the park’s main attractions are 27 canine figurines, an unreachable golden bone—and a single cat added by special request

Davisville Junior Public School named Toronto’s most endangered place. An annual top 10 list published by the National Trust for Canada shows the 1962 building marked for demolition. City council has yet to consider heritage status for the school, but the TDSB has submitted a proposal for a new community hub, but no plan to salvage what’s there.

Rush’s place in the prog-rock pantheon explained. The Show That Never Ends, political journalist Dave Weigel’s attempt to dissect how histrionic rock bands got defined as "progressive," inevitably delves into the libertarian leanings of the Toronto trio. The book cites a 1978 interview with Neil Peart in which he teed off about how British punks would've been better off reading Ayn Rand

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Gideon Scanlon described some alleged knifepoint muggers on Howland Avenue this way in a public note thanking residents for coming to his rescue.

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