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Popcorn Chardonnay VQA

Well white wine drinkers, it’s Chardonnay season! Cooler weather gives way to richer whites and Chard is the go-to, especially with such great options from our own backyard. We’re picking a local favourite, Popcorn Chardonnay, for its richer style and great value. It’s also a perfect match for our favourite movie snack, so cue up the holiday classics and don’t worry about the weather, unless you still have to go to the LCBO!

Tasting Notes: Popcorn Chardonnay leads with lemon and ripe apple, followed quickly by creamy, buttery notes and vanilla from the generous, yet balanced, use of oak. A clean finish makes this richly styled Chardonnay a delicious sip.

Enjoy With: Popcorn, as well as many other snacks like chips and dip or pretzels. It’s also great with appetizers like shrimp cocktail, deviled eggs or cheese boards, as well as roast turkey or chicken, mac and cheese, or scalloped potatoes.

Style: A dry, full-flavoured, full-bodied white wine.

Terroir/Region: The Niagara Peninsula is the most planted wine region in Canada. Chardonnay thrives here, harnessing the diverse soils and microclimates of the region to create subtle, complex differences in our wines. Niagara Chardonnay can change in character from one plot to the next, giving Chard lovers endless options, all while supporting local!

Producer: The team at Popcorn is only interested in making the finest Chardonnay for a reasonable price. It rigorously tasted and compared the wines that founded the rich, oaky style of Chard and wanted to show that Ontario can make it just as well as those other regions. The proof is in the bottle.

AvailabilityPopcorn Chardonnay is available in the Ontario VQA section of your local LCBO and for online ordering. Happy Chardonnay season!

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Price: $15.95

LCBO #: 20264

Size: 750 mL

Alcohol Content: 12.5% alc./vol.