Ancaster’s alleged Yahoo hacker was always kind of sketchy. Karim Baratov, accused along with three others of being paid by Russian spies to break into 500 million email accounts, was one of those 22-year-olds who posted absolutely everything on social media. His luxury cars were a favourite topic, and, in January, he publicly argued with Service Ontario after it refused him the plate “KARIMPIE.” Baratov was also into sketching. If he couldn’t get anyone to pose, there was always Kate Winslet:

Broadway is the best stage for Justin Trudeau. The prime minister could say no wrong last night when he introduced a Broadway performance of Come From Away—the Canadian 9/11 musical that made him cry when he saw it for the first time. Ivanka Trump's presence at the show gave reporters reason to emphasize that the musical is all about welcoming outsiders.

Pot dispensaries come to the PATH. CannaConnect announced the first medical cannabis clinic in the downtown core, at the Richmond-Adelaide Centre, even as police raids continue to be a regular event. Marc Emery, now out on bail after being charged for his role in running the Cannabis Culture dispensary chain, has shifted his political support from the supposedly weed-legalizing Liberals to Conservative leadership hopeful Maxime Bernier. The arrest rituals were less familiar to Emery's wife:

Niki Ashton agrees it wasn't right to claim “To the left, to the left.” The NDP leadership candidate posted a graphic inspired by Beyoncé’s song “Irreplaceable,” as a way of illustrating her aspirations. “Appropriating Black culture is not intersectional feminism,” clapped back Black Lives Matter Vancouver, requesting that she take the graphic down. Ashton abided by the request, and then told Twitter critics not to be racist in response. Black Lives Matter then doubled down by explaining this was about more than one meme.

The most free publicity a Canadian record has ever received. Donald Trump’s condemnation of Snoop Dogg's "Lavender" music video, in which the rapper points a toy gun at a clown caricature of the president, helped rack up YouTube views and also dragged nephew Lil’ Bow Wow into threatening the First Lady. (Snoop's vow to move to Toronto may not end up being empty, after all.) This means more attention for the single, a remix of a song by local act BadBadNotGood, with Polaris winner Kaytranada.

Hard Rock Café gets more civic thought in one week than in all of its past 39 years. Shoppers Drug Mart taking over the Yonge-Dundas Square spot can make any earnest urbanist wistful. But there are indeed Hard Rock devotees who’ve travelled all over to visit them—and who lament a shift away from wall memorabilia. Mostly, though, the place's demise is another symbol of a once-eclectic strip getting glossed over.

Degrassi High reunion tour might include a profane re-enactment. Pat Mastroianni talked to the Toronto Sun upon starting a series of comic convention appearances with the original teenage cast. The actor, who played Joey Jeremiah, hasn't been receptive to requests that he reprise his naked cafeteria run, but he’s not averse to revisiting the School’s Out finale scene in which his girlfriend Caitlin was outraged that Joey slept with Tessa Campanelli. (The actresses will be there, too.)

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In response to the CBC's reporting on upselling practices at big banks, business producer Don Pittis says financial institutions have no obligation to coddle customers.

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