“I have not been given any reason as to why.” Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father known for his criticism of Donald Trump, was supposed to host a lunch talk at the Carlu. Now, the organizer of that event says Khan has had to cancel his appearance because his “travel privileges are being reviewed.” It's a puzzling statement (Khan is an American citizen, so it's unclear who would be reviewing his "privileges," or why) and Khan has refused to clarify the situation for the press. (Bob Ramsay, the communications strategist behind the speaker series, has likewise not responded to inquiries.)

The Kingsway backpack argument escalates. Kingsway Theatre owner Rui Pereira is making the media rounds, and at least one of his employees is even posting to Reddit. It's all part of a push to convince the city that Pereira had no racist motive for demanding that actress Wendy Oluniké Adeliyi surrender her bag before seeing a movie. Adeliyi is sticking to her claim. According to her, Pereira told police: “Yeah, she’s black. And she’s threatening the staff and she’s threatening the institution.”

Maxime Bernier is one step closer to recruiting Pepe the Frog. The most libertarian of the Conservative leadership candidates might’ve raised the most funds, but he has fallen behind in the social media sweepstakes. Now, Bernier has deployed a meme to thank Alberta Wildrose party MLA Derek Fildebrandt for endorsing him. But a perceived allusion to the anti-feminist “red pill theory” isn't a particularly good look. The aspiring party leader says he was just channelling The Matrix.

The hashtaggian candidate. In using Twitter to launch her bid for leadership of the federal NDP, Niki Ashton has so far used six different English-language hashtags: #BuildAMovement, #DemandAction, #GetInspired, #Never2Late, #RiseUpFightBack and #Niki2017.

Airbnb sells itself as the best idea in a bubble. The high cost of housing is a subtext of some new radio spots, seemingly launched in response to new pressure on city hall to crack down on people who use Airbnb to run “ghost hotels” in condo buildings. The battle is also playing out on Facebook, where the company pays to push posts touting its good deeds, generating harshly critical comments.

Toronto “anti-PC” YouTuber takes on the glass ceiling. Josephine Mathias got lots of circulation for a tweet purporting to quote from a curt email from a feminist professor. Mathias wouldn't reveal the prof's name, but the attention boosts her Patreon.

Eugene Levy just got his McMaster University movies back. Marc Maron’s latest WTF podcast includes the Schitt’s Creek star recapping some of the less-discussed parts of his career. Levy figured the first shorts he directed were lost, until they turned up last year in a book about the school's film program, Hamilton Babylon. Garbage, a six-minute short from 1969, depicted the frustration of campus life by showing a professor alternatively heaping course readings and trash bags upon a student.

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Teenage MPP Sam Oosterhoff exclaimed his pride in being a part of one of these. His opportunity to run for the Ontario PCs in the next election will be contested tonight.

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