The most infuriated condo resident in Richmond Hill. Although Richmond Hill boasts Canada's hottest housing market, tossed cigarette butts and “big, huge, ugly, gross spit” on a condo balcony has infuriated one Wayne Russell. So, he pegged up a big ugly sheet at ground level, angrily ordering the perpetrators to stop. CityNews went there:

The flipping frenzy at 101 Charles Street East. X2, a shiny highrise where Pizza Pizza headquarters once stood, is the subject of a Globe and Mail investigation into more than 1,000 transactions since 2009 that have netted the average investor $478 a day. The interesting math is laid out in graphic form.

Naomi Klein dropped out of a Trump talk because of its lack of colour.The Media as Opposition: Covering Trump in a Post Truth Era” is a Canadian Journalism Foundation benefit slated for May 24 at Roy Thomson Hall. But as promotion for the event led to criticism of the panel's diversity, Klein pulled out, and she claims the American participants also considered doing so. They'll appear with a replacement panelist, instead. (Klein's drop-out annnouncement referenced Desmond Cole’s departure from the Toronto Star, which he discussed with Klein on Newstalk 1010—while Christie Blatchford offered a different opinion.)

French election results disappointed at least a few Canadian Conservatives. This according to a Probit poll that showed 58 per cent favouring Marine Le Pen over the victorious Emmanuel Macron. The LePen love was especially strong among supporters of Kellie Leitch. (But the number of non-responses suggest this was mostly a game of trolling polling.) Meanwhile, the pre-election #MacronLeaks were initially brought to American attention by D.C.-based Rebel Media reporter Jack Posobiec, leading to curiosity about whether Ezra Levant's squad had any direct connection to the email hack.

A harrowing baby story from Leah McLaren. While her recent tale of attempting to breastfeed Michael Chong’s baby got her briefly suspended from the Globe and Mail, a different outlet printed a more dramatic tale about McLaren’s own eight-month-old:

Tim Hortons isn’t afraid of a little U.K. clickbait. The Daily Mail initiated an anti-Timbit crusade when the chain launched at London’s Canada House. But head office is shrugging it all off, noting the company's efforts to cater to regional tastes with chai lattes, flat whites and brioche buns.

What it takes to get your book lauded by the Toronto Sun. Evidently, a title like Stop Sending Me D*ck Pics, by 31-year-old relationship counsellor Richard Lee. The self-published self-help book, outlining the six “doors” that a lovelorn guy must unlock, came about when a female friend showed Lee a graphic photo from an unsuitable suitor.

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Sheppard West subway station has been officially renamed—but the new signage will remind TTC riders it used to be called something else.

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