Freshwater Guardian - Freshwater fishing news from the Department of Fisheries, Western Australia
Issue No. 9, October 2016

South West marron patrols take to the air

The first combined patrol of Fisheries and Water Corporation officers get ready to take to the air in the helicopter

For the first time, Fisheries and Water Corporation 4WD and helicopter patrols teamed up to educate inland fishers and catchment area users about recreational fishing rules and the legal, sustainable use of catchment dams. 

The helicopter, funded by the Water Corporation, allowed the joint patrols to reach almost inaccessible inland waters in the South West, surprising a few rule-breakers. More.

Give a koi a home

Two employees of Garden Life display our stickers on bags containing sold fish

Our Biosecurity staff attended the 2016 Perth Koi Show to spread the message of how to be responsible when keeping ornamental fish that could become pests and harm native aquatic ecosystems.

The Koi Society offer a service to re-sell or re-home koi, rather having them dumped to become pests. Fish retail businesses such as Water Garden Life (pictured) placed our stickers on the bags of fish sold to alert buyers to the dangers of dumping sick or unwanted fish. More.

Holding the hairy marron back from the brink

The critically endangered hairy marron underwater

An improved new captive breeding program could be the way Western Australia’s critically endangered hairy marron is re-established in secure sites in the State's South West.

The hairy marron is a freshwater crayfish unique to the Margaret River area, but there are probably less than 1,000 of them left in the wild and just over 400 in captivity after being outcompeted by other marron species. More.

Spring heralds new freshwater fishing season

Keen angler with his freshwater fly rod and reel

Heads up for all the South West anglers out there; the freshwater fishing season started 1 September and is open until 30 June. 

Many of our native freshwater fish are protected and the little pygmy perch, Nannoperca pygmaea, is now on the list. If you catch any of thse protected species, return them to the water gently and quickly, but please don't put back any pest fish, such as redfin perch. More.