“This human experiment at Jane and Finch for the last 50 years has been a disaster.” Giorgio Mammoliti still has some things to tweet in the final days of a campaign to retain his city council seat—which every poll decidedly says he’ll lose to Anthony Perruzza. Mammoliti’s other major challenger is confident that the community can say goodbye:

Two councillors clash over why John Tory would endorse just one of them. Josh Matlow thinks the mayor simply wanted to spite him by backing Joe Mihevc—who’d prefer to believe that Tory’s preference is proactive. A similar CP24 sofa showdown, between Jim Karygiannis and Norm Kelly, found them pointing fingers at each other.

Patrick Brown blames spending $292,451 at Queen’s Park in just a couple of months on his demotion. CBC News obtained documents showing significant expenditures by the former Ontario PC leader after he lost the position. Regardless, his name is now on a notable lawn in Brampton:

Stouffville’s embattled mayor finds a friend in Frank Stronach. In the midst of suing his daughter Belinda for allegedly mismanaging his fortune, the Magna Man has endorsed Justin Altmann, who’s running for re-election following a bizarre first term as mayor of Whitchurch-Stouffville. Even though Stronach lives in Aurora, he’d vote for the guy.

Avril Lavigne is adjusting to life after Chavril. Getting divorced twice and battling Lyme disease has helped Lavigne furnish better clickbait than when she was a teen from Napanee. To wit, she says she thinks of ex-husband Chad Kroeger whenever she notices their shared constellation tattoo on her thigh, which apparently happens every time she sits down to pee:

All the smoke in the air from C-Day is clearing up a bit. Brian Mulroney defends his joining the cannabis industry as a sign of the times, even if Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith is the rare current politician who will talk about actively consuming weed. The lead-up to legalization was ultimately marked by the smell of burning cash:

Tokaroo has to remind stoners that he’s not Polkaroo. Mark Scott, who played the psychedelic Polka Dot Door character at public events for 22 years, was on As It Happens to explain that the giant spliff-smoking mascot he portrays at weed-related rallies is supposed to be educational.

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Justin Trudeau got a new sobriquet, courtesy of an unnamed official in the White House.

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