Subway fare evader claims he’s on a social media mission. “Sending an email to the TTC is like sending an email into the black hole,” says a guy who made a video that shows how waving an umbrella is enough to get through the new fare gates—the latest in a series of Presto debacles. Coverage has left the TTC with little to say beyond, "don't."

Clearly Canadian crowdfunding effort ran out of fruity fizz. Back in the glory days of Indiegogo, there were big numbers backing a revival of this pretentious seltzer—although just 9,000 of the 27,000 orders were shipped before the Vancouver bottling plant closed down. A promise to deliver the waylaid beverages last summer was never fulfilled. The operation, based in Richmond Hill, blames the delay on a lack of financing. They're asking the people who put up the cash to be sympathetic.

Will anyone ever laugh again at Stats Canada? After the satirical Twitter account’s co-founder, Ren Bostelaar, admitted to sharing “sensitive” photos of women on 4chan, enthusiasm for Stats Canada's humour was sure to dampen—although its second book is still scheduled for June via Penguin. Bostelaar was at the forefront of interviews promoting the first book, but the Twitter account's remaining minders reiterated the fact that he’s no longer involved. (They were seemingly too distracted to tweet jokes during the past month.)

Sousatzka tickets are being given away in unusual ways. The opening of Garth Drabinsky’s musical was accompanied by reported ticket handouts to people giving blood. The Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts was also given a free batch. They’ve also got freebies at the CFA Society, an institute whose membership includes government agencies and regulators—a few weeks before closing submissions in Drabinsky’s hearing at the Ontario Securities Commission.

Drake cultural appropriation attacks get Vox-splained. Drake's decision to buy the rights to the U.K. show Top Boy, apparently with hopes of joining the cast, generated an asinine hot take via The Independent, in which a British writer argues that the rapper has no right to play a "working class" role in another place. But here’s a video showing how Drake’s use of Jamaican style isn’t as fake as clickbait cultivators believe:

Night Walk is still prowling around, three decades later. The first pair of Global TV’s overnight tours of Toronto were shot in April 1986. Two more followed within the next year, and they aired until 1993. CBC's As It Happens later recreated the Night Ride show, juxtaposing it with the original. Now, here’s an authorized tribute stream from fan Bill Young, who lives in Fort Worth, Texas. He plays the original videos at their original airtime: 2:30 a.m.

Frank D’Angelo’s The Neighborhood will debut in Toronto. Yesterday’s 12:36 mistakenly assumed that the Italian Contemporary Film Festival would be taking place in Italy. In fact, it's happening in Toronto. Apologies for inferring that D’Angelo doesn't think there's demand for his movies at home.

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