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Remembering Susan Hicks

Little more than a year ago, on October 23, 2015, Susan Hicks died tragically after being struck by a speeding car on Forbes Avenue in Oakland while cycling home from her job as Assistant Director for Academic Affairs at Pitt’s Center for Russian and East European Studies.

When I learned of Dr. Hicks’ death, I mourned, as did others who read about her, for the senseless end to a young life, one of unusual accomplishment and promise.



Cross-Section: The Medical Humanities

I am an inquisitive intellectual. I try to find ways to connect all of my classes together. Often, I find myself making connections between Chemistry and English and History and Statistics. Most would consider me scatterbrained and crazy, but I believe making these connections across disciplines is useful into understanding the human condition.



The Spirit of Collaboration: The Center for African American Poetry and Poetics

When tensions are high and life is tumultuous, there is one human enjoyment that can simultaneously question and answer our fears: Art. At the University of Pittsburgh, the Center for African American Poetry and Poetics (CAAPP) provides the space to explore the art of black poetry.

The Center was founded in 2016 by Dawn Lundy Martin, Terrance Hayes, and Yona Harvey. It was a collaborative effort to create a space—a space like no other—for discussion, development, and celebration of African American poetry and poetics.

“There’s nothing really like it at any other university. I thought it would be really important to develop a center that not only presented work by African American and African Diasporic writers and artists, but also to think through this historical moment in time. From my perspective there’s a lot of amazing poetry being produced by African American poets, but there’s not really a central place to think through the significance of that reality,” Professor Martin said.




Defining Composition: Composition PhD Alumnae Break New Ground

The University of Pittsburgh’s English department houses one of the nation’s best doctoral programs in Composition, with many of its graduates continuing in academia to become acclaimed professors and researchers in their fields. As an undergraduate at Pitt, my closest contact with the Composition program has been through beginner-level English classes, such as Seminar in Composition, and the school’s Public & Professional Writing certificate program.



More Than a Job: A Writing Center Tutor Discovers Her Aptitudes and Passion

When I was in high school, my older cousin got a job as a writing tutor at the University of Delaware, where he was a student. I know this only because he missed our annual family beach trip for the six-hour training session he had to participate in before he could begin the job. I remember thinking how incredibly stupid it was that he had to do that. He wouldn’t have gotten the position if he wasn’t already a good writer, right? What could they possibly be “training” him to do that would take six whole hours?



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