Nooooobody wants to run against John Tory. Bad Boy Furniture heir Blayne Lastman claims that “dozens of people” are urging him to run for mayor of Toronto—although there's zero indication that he’d offer any alternative ideas. The news was framed as a scoop on CTV, where it was delivered by Mel Lastman’s one-time spokesman Jim Warren:

“We support our police, unlike the leader of the opposition and unlike their party that are police-haters, military-haters, veteran-haters, poppy-haters and…” Premier Doug Ford recited his recollection of some Toronto Sun stories during question period, before the speaker cut him off. And now DoFo now has an old foe with more power in Ottawa: Bill Blair is the new minister of border security and organized crime reduction.

Conservative attack got its message out in news media. Justin Trudeau’s tweet implying that all refugees fleeing the U.S. could move to Canada remains a sticking point 18 months later. But the Tories using it as fodder for a meme didn’t last—because the party didn’t want to focus on one race:

Jagmeet Singh seems to be sniffing around for a seat. The exit of MP Kennedy Stewart, who's running for mayor of Vancouver, may open a window for Singh, the federal NDP leader, to finally run for a federal seat—though it’s possible that the Liberals will try to avoid being subject to anti-pipeline polticking by not calling a by-election at all. Meanwhile, Singh's predecessor, Thomas Mulcair, has a new gig as a commentator with Bell Media.

Royal Ontario Museum saves #WorldEmojiDay. The hashtag holiday forced some #brands to be embarrassing on Twitter—although it’s still safe enough for school boards. But the real hero of World Emoji Day was the ROM, which stood by for requests to show its own emoji-equivalent items:

“This movie is coming out in a month and not in the year 2005 as you may have guessed.” Rob Trench’s tweet about promotion for Little Italy has earned attention way beyond any Canadian rom-com marketing budget. But it’s actually the second round of ridicule: the movie's first poster was similarly mocked in May. So, who's trolling who?

DeMar DeRozan was getting emo on Instagram Stories in the middle of the night. “Be told one thing & the outcome another,” posted the Raptors star, likely upon learning that he’d be traded to San Antonio. “Ain’t no loyalty in this game. Sell you out quick for a little bit of nothing…” He deleted his Instagram photos last week, which fuelled rumours.

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Toronto Police charged a man who found one of these, and then allegedly stretched it across a street around Queen and Jarvis, which “clotheslined” a motorcyclist off his bike.

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