Dad spots an open fence at the construction site beside John Fisher Public School. Stavros Rougas uploaded a YouTube video to continue to make the case against a 35-storey residence that's under construction next to John Fisher Junior Public School, near Yonge and Eglinton. The school board and developer were pushed to assure parents of safety measures that Rougas says aren't being practiced:

Bloor bike lane contrarianism is dominated by Ford Nation. City council voted 36-6 for the intensely studied transportation transformation to stick around. Half the opposition came from those aligned with Doug Ford's re-election bid. Meanwhile, Sue-Ann Levy envisions a radical leftist takeover, with future bike lane expansion that she thinks could damage the glamour of the Mink Mile.

Trumpgrabs brings a year of news to Bloor and Dundas. The abandoned Giraffe Condos sales centre is finally getting some somewhat positive attention thanks to artist Kate Schneider, who spent a year screenshotting iPhone notifications related to Donald Trump, and has now plastered them up on the exterior of the building to test the reaction. The posters capture the experience of waking up each day to learn somewhere in the world is on fire.

“Canada Salutes Nicaragua and Syria for joining on to the Paris Agreement!” This tweet from environment minister Catherine McKenna’s departmental account, offering kudos to suspected chemical weapons enthusiast Bashar al-Assad, inconveniently coincides with her feud with The Rebel, which has repeatedly called her “Climate Barbie.” McKenna used her personal account to lay the blame for the Syria acclaim on a ministry staffer.

Abandoned Targets of Canada has one less barren legacy. Nation’s Experience supermarket will open November 16 at the Stockyards mall, replacing Toronto’s only purpose-built Target location, which was in business for 10 months before the retailer gave up. (The extra space allows for Nation’s to offer virtual reality and a video arcade.) But another area Target built from scratch, at the Sheridan Centre in Mississauga, was open for just three months prior to the bankruptcy—and it still hasn't been replaced:

“People City” gets deconstructed in a documentary. Moses Znaimer wanted a Toronto sign-on song for Citytv when it launched in 1972, so he got gospel singer Tommy Ambrose to croon one. The recording was a benchmark in the local jingle-writing culture of the era, which peaked with Ambrose’s ode to “Me and the Boys and Our 50." Former mayor David Crombie is among those who believe it's a work of lounge lizardry for the ages.

Pentti “Whitey” Glan dead at 71. The drummer on “Love-Itis,” by Mandala, a defining tune of the “Toronto Sound” of the 1960s, went on to a job with Lou Reed—whose glam-era band was then adopted by Alice Cooper. Glan also backed up Bette Midler's character in the movie The Rose, although he ultimately preferred living a quiet life in Innisfil.

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Roy Halladay's fatal crash in this type of plane doesn't reflect well on the company that makes the two-seater.

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