Giorgio Mammoliti lands on the dark side of democracy. The political stalwart of 28 years blamed his loss to fellow Humber River-Black Creek city councillor Anthony Perruzza on an unfortunate vote split. But his son will now be a school trustee:

Norm Kelly can now fold the shirt that reads “Campaign Papi.” 6Dad merchandise emblazoned with words like “POLITHICC” is worth a lot less now, because of the electoral defeat of the elderly meme. After declaring victory, Jim Karygiannis undermined his fellow Scarborough-Agincourt councillor one final time: “I do hope he enjoys his retirement.”

Who were the 25,667 who voted for Faith Goldy? Further questions can be asked about the 3.4 per cent of the mayoral vote Goldy received. Like, how much did it have to do with the fact that she campaigned in Cantonese? Saron Gebresellassi, however, got two per cent from voters seeking a John Tory alternative who wasn’t Jennifer Keesmaat:

“I’ve got so much hope in my heart for what’s ahead for Brampton.” Patrick Brown won the vote in a city he didn’t even live in until recently—which bewildered outgoing mayor Linda Jeffrey. But another subject of scandal is gone: Stouffville mayor Justin Altmann was unseated by his deputy.

Weed news has gotten mundane a week after C-Day. Cannabis clickbait has now been reduced to a list of thematic Pornhub search terms. Meanwhile, as unlicensed dispensaries are being shut down by bylaw officers, mail orders from the Ontario Cannabis Store help shed light on another concern:

Mark Steyn leads 20th anniversary nostalgia for the National Post. Conrad Black’s baby was birthed on October 27, 1998. One original columnist remembers the paper as “the great journalistic adventure of my life.” Steyn is is doing a week of flashbacks, like about how he wasn’t wearing a tie in his column shot because he’d lent it to some guy:

Rick Moranis is selling pricey photo-ops at Alamo City Comic Con. The ongoing return of the SCTV legend includes a weekend appearance in Texas—where Moranis will pose for $150. An autograph requires an $800 VIP package, which is still $450 cheaper than one from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Justin Trudeau went to Doug Ford’s ward to announce consumer rebates in provinces that comply with the climate change fight.

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