“At no time did Jacob act badly or do anything without _____’s consent.” The lawyer for Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard issued a statement in response to CBC News's reporting on an Ottawa woman's allegations of rape. Hedley continues its cross-Canada tour admist other sexual misconduct allegations. The band has the support of many fans, despite losing many professional affiliations—although there was at least one sign of dissent:

Patrick Brown couldn't survive a second night of knife juggling. Although his campaign initially denied claims that he was considering giving up on the Ontario PC leadership race, Brown will quit this bid. The turmoil comes admist news that fraud and forgery investigators have obtained an email where Brown tells PC officials to “get me the result I want.”

KKK clickbait struck down by anti-commo-fascist. It’s unclear why the Toronto Star found it newsworthy that white nationalist Paul Fromm tweeted his support of Ontario PC candidate Tanya Granic Allen, but it led to a round of disavowals. Granic Allen is expected to stir up the Wednesday leadership debate as she keeps raging against an ideology that she's supplied with a new name:

PMO applauds positive CBC analysis of Justin Trudeau’s trip to India. Gerald Butts enjoyed Evan Dyer's argument that trade concerns were overshadowed by jokes about Bollywood-dancing “Mr. Dressup.” But the Times of India called the trip “a disaster that has little parallel in India’s recent diplomatic history.” (Even so, they praised three-year-old Hadrian Trudeau for being cute and aloof.)

Caplansky hopes to write his own redemption story. The famed College Street deli tried to become a franchise opeartion—until Zane Caplansky’s ambitions spun out of his control, as explained in the Globe and Mail. Caplansky acknowledges that personal brand-building ambitions kept his eye off issues that led to a standoff with his original landlord. (A deli that licensed his name remains at Pearson Airport.) While he hopes for a comeback, there are debts to pay. The truck that “Insane Zane” drove into Dragons’ Den is also part of the auction:

Jordan Peterson has the non-Western world considering the lobster. Chinese social network Weibo is credited with making Peterson a star among users fond of the term “baizuo” (literally “white left”), which roughly translates to "social justice warrior." Meanwhile, as the 12 Rules For Life tour gets booked into bigger theatres, the U of T professor still bemoans what he sees as exaggerated claims about campus “racial violence and harassment." The New Yorker deigns to explain what Peterson did to get himself from there to here:

The man Quincy Jones regrets talking to is the anti-Jiminy Glick. David Marchese was doing interviews about his interview with Quincy Jones, even as the music producer’s six daughters were staging an intervention. The incident raised anticipation for the next Vulture interview by the Toronto native, which turns out to be Martin Short.

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Loblaw will attempt to do what Amazon hasn't thought of yet: strike a deal with Metrolinx to let commuters pick up their food order on the way home from work.

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