Take your protein pills and put your helmet on 🚀
The Goods: Issue 15 Image: Christopher Doyle

👋 Long time no see! We’ve been heads-down launching Vest – a new platform that surfaces and celebrates the very best in Aussie startups, but we’re back in the land of The Goods and it feels so goooood.


It's crazy that someone you never actually met can have such an impact on thousands of lives around the world. Bowie’s passing knocked us for six, and we’ve had his back catalogue on repeat ever since. Also, this.


Do you work best when pressure’s nipping at your heels? Flowstate responded to this slightly sick sensation by creating an app where you set yourself a time limit, then just keep writing ‘til the clock stops. Pause and all your work’s deleted. Who knew writing could be an adrenaline sport?


Like any industry boom, tech’s still surfing the sweet wave of success – but how has it affected Frisco? It’s okay to go out and disrupt an industry, but make sure you clean up afterwards.


We love Slack, so it came as no surprise to find out they’re big supporters of diversity and inclusion. This Q&A with one of their engineers is a must-read for those who know the importance of nurturing a company’s culture.


What’s in a name? We’ve been pondering this question of late, and came across this – the original monikers of today’s household companies. Did you know Google was originally called BackRub? Yeah, lol.


ICYMI, our mega-talented content director and all round good egg Helen shared her journey from copywriter to content strategist, and it’s probably the best thing you’ll read all week.

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