Tony Clement used Instagram as his own virtual gazebo. In a letter to constituents, the ex-Conservative MP admitted to multiple digital exchanges that led to “acts of infidelity.” The sextortion scandal has drawn more scrutiny to Clement’s enthusiasm for social postings by young women, whether or not it involved sliding into DMs:

“Everyone has the right to live and work free from harassment.” Andrew Kimber, a former issues management director for Doug Ford, apologized for the behaviour that led to him leaving the job. The premier recently attended Kimber’s wedding to Amanda Philp, then chief of staff to economic development minister Jim Wilson—who similarly lost his position. And now another senior Ontario PC staffer, John Sinclair, exited for reasons unexplained.

The other side of the fringe mayoral candidate mirror. The Cut’s Anna Silman follows her podcast about Faith Goldy with a further probe of the erstwhile mayoral candidate's road to white-nationalist infamy. Meanwhile in Mississauga, a conversation with that city’s election runner-up, Kevin J. Johnston, provided content for his channel:

“Who created multicultural TV in Toronto?” The question gets asked by Retrontario after CityNews tributes to Leslie Sole, a former Rogers Media television executive who was recently killed in a car crash in Mexico, celebrated him as the architect of the concept. Rogers is currently vying for a new licence that would direct taxpayer funding to OMNI.

Strange days in the veins of venture-backed clickbait. Disney has written off about 40 per cent of its $400-million stake in Vice Media after Vice's new CEO, Nancy Dubuc, announced retrenchments amidst stalling growth. Concurrently, there was backlash for BuzzFeed after the organization made a Twitter joke that played off other news websites lifting their paywalls after a mass shooting. The gaffe was followed with passive aggressive regret:

Alphabet is having friendlier phone calls from inside the Hxouse. While data-privacy concerns over Sidewalk Toronto’s propsed smart city plan continue to get debated, Hxouse, the new Queens Quay East incubator space linked to the Weeknd, boasts financial support from the same corporate source, along with a commercial that shows it off:

You’re nobody till somebody claims you have a secret love child. The late Toronto teen idol Corey Haim’s name has come up occasionally over the past few years because of several disputed claims about his life. And now the National Enquirer reports that Haim is the father of a 14-year-old son.

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What a fired Uber driver from Phoenix now thinks about his choice to leak a video of Ottawa Senators—which had about 100 views before being picked up by Postmedia.

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