The suspicious price of the life of FLOTUS. The former Trump Toronto has nearly completed its transition to the St. Regis. And yet, the time Melania Trump’s entourage ran up a massive bill remains a mystery—after all, she didn’t even stay the night:

Controversies abound at Bathurst and St. Clair. While an alleged sexual assault at St. Michael’s College School is turning into a bigger scandal, there’s new attention for a February incident on a streetcar right nearby: Reece Maxwell-Crawford is suing the TTC and the police services board, alleging he was assaulted because of racial profiling.

Patrick Brown becomes the talk of Queen’s Park. The publication of Takedown has prompted Andrea Horwath to call for an independent investigation into Brown’s sexual misconduct allegation against Vic Fedeli. Doug Ford insists Fedeli has already been cleared. Nonetheless, the book’s publisher is standing behind claims made by its hot literary star:

Ontario Place seems primed for a casino. The province’s fall economic outlook came with the introduction of a bill that transfers all of the derelict water park's assets to the Crown, which would make a sale to private interests easier. Also, the plan to scrap rent controls on new constructions is being spun as a way to encourage more rental housing.

Your weekly Toronto real estate hate-read. It comes from the Globe and Mail, which spoke to developers who are striving to fill the growing demand for fancier condos among people who want to share elevators with equally wealthy neighbours:

“Battle of the food apps” comes with a safety subplot. Marketplace compares the delivery costs of Foodora, SkipTheDishes and Uber Eats. In the process of talking to delivery couriers, though, the show draws attention to a more complicated matter:

Roger, Rick & Marilyn had a farewell threesome. The recently retired Rick Hodge reunited with Roger Ashby and Marilyn Denis on CHUM, leading up to the December 5 departure of Ashby—who sounds more candid now that he doesn’t fear getting fired.

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BlackBerry paid $1.4 billion for this cybersecurity company, as part of a shift away from smartphones.

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