“Building A Better Bloor Dufferin” wants a bigger chunk of gentrification change. Development plans in Bloordale have locals wondering why the province settled for a seemingly insufficent share of public money. A fringe benefit of being in a creative-class neighbourhood is the stylish protest poster

Lower Bay station is still rough enough for Fucked Up. The abandoned platforms beneath Yorkville will get a public opening with the profane punk band. Two weeks later, Lower Bay will host a TTC Lego tribute exhibit as part of Doors Open Toronto. But fascination with seeing it on screen has waned: little was heard about its recent use for The Sound, starring Rose McGowan and Christopher Lloyd. (The film's working title was Lower Bay.)

The story that FordNation Live doesn’t want you to see.What really happened to Michael Harris?” asks the Waterloo Region Record about the MPP who claimed he wasn’t running for re-election because of a degenerative eye condition, only to be outed for his part in a sexting scandal. (Doug Ford was evidently quite eager to have Mike Harris Jr. fill the ballot instead.) Meanwhile, the Ford campaign continues producing its own video news reports:

"The report found that when Mr. Weir was told his advances were unwanted, he stopped." NDP leader Jagmeet Singh says that Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir was expelled from caucus because he “failed to read non-verbal cues in social situations.” The explanation is disputed by Weir, who believes he's not being kicked out because of the report, but rather because he spoke publicly about it.

"Diaper Loading" joke poked someone in the eye. A greeting card has been recalled because “the Velcro closures on the card's diaper flaps can eject due to the force of separation from opening the card, creating a risk of eye injury.” The 14 people in Canada who bought one can get a refund. Papyrus pulled it from sale—but a cached copy remains:

YouTube kid gets a taste of a dispensary in Kensington Market. Oh Henry! capitalized on 4/20 five days later with a pop-up store in Kensington that promotes the candy bar as the ideal snack for five minutes after smoking up. And here's proof that there's no age restriction at this fake weed store:

Wayne McLean dead at 73. The ordained Baptist minister started doing talk radio in Windsor, where he married mynah birds on the air, and moved to Toronto in 1988 to join CFRB for a midday show on which cops busted an exotic dancer who brought along her tiger. McLean returned to Windsor in 1992, then appeared on other Ontario stations, until settling into quieter work by consulting on scripts.

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Young People's Theatre confirmed that it would remove this term (the asterisks are theirs) from its play Salmon Girl in response to a complaint about the "abelist word."

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