“The Arbour” foregoes fancy flights for a sturdier-looking stance. The final four proposals for George Brown College’s tall wood tower on Queens Quay East included some audacious ideas.Yet, the most conventional looking one won, possibly because its structural system sounded the most realistic.

Yonge and Eglinton really is about to burst. City staff are pushing to stall a two-tower condo development near the intersection because water and sewer systems are being taken to the limit. The proposed buildings near Davisville have already been the subject of much grappling at the OMB.

Chief planner job no longer allows for hiding from the spotlight. Gregg Lintern, who started as an Etobicoke city planner in 1984, may feel like he’s a modest part of a larger team. But he’ll be expected to be the face of new ideas. Lintern’s predecessor, Jennifer Keesmaat, was known for being at odds with politicians. She's just resurfaced to lead this:

Andy Frost is about to sign off from Q107. The latest round of Corus Entertainment cuts, in response to sinking share prices, found some familiar voices typically disappearing without on-air mention. But a ceremonial goodbye will follow for Andy Frost—whose run as the main host of Psychedelic Sunday dates back to the mid-1980s.

“The Jordan Peterson Demographic Isn’t Going Anywhere.” Theodore Kupfer, a William F. Buckley Fellow at the National Review, has written what may sound like a threat. But there are limits to how much oppositional clickbait Peterson can generate—besides, he evidently has a rising tide of left-wing fanboys. In any case, there's no need to type so many infuriated words when opinions can be just as readily expressed with a fake book cover:

Stephen LeDrew finds a new soapbox for his bowtie to stand on. Prior to the recent CTV News departures of Paul Bliss and Scott Laurie, under circumstances that remain publicly unexplained, LeDrew lost his job with CP24 for reasons that apparently weren’t explained to him—although the sacking followed a controversial appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight. But here, the comeback for LeDrew’s goofy bombast hath begun:

Some echo effects from the Toronto Star. Sinclair Broadcast Group making 193 local newscasts recite the same script about Fake News generated a zeitgeisty mashup video. Somehow, this whole thing is the subject of three concurrent Star condemnations, by Rosie DiManno, Heather Mallick and Jennifer Wells. (Ironically, their own employer is promoting its new StarMetro gambit with an identical wording published in multiple cities.)

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