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Neither Snow, nor Rain, nor...

Neither snow, nor rain…. will keep our kids from having fun together! Some things never change. The children of The Baby Fold have always loved a snowy day. Bundled up and ready for outdoor play, our students get a short break from classroom tasks. Even today, our teachers brave the cold to give our children some time outside to play. Their activity might be a bit constrained by the layers of warm clothing, but our kids know how to make the most of a snowy day!

The Way of Love

As Tony boarded the school bus and headed back home, he carefully guarded the granola bar that he had saved from breakfast. His plan was to make sure that his little brother, Will, would have an afternoon snack today. Last night, Tony tried to be patient with Will, who can be "whiney and obnoxious" when he is tired or frustrated. Tony knows 'hangry' when he sees it. When your tummy is rumbling, it's hard to be kind. So Tony was given an extra granola bar at Hammitt School, where Tony gets breakfast, lunch, and snacks to keep his stomach quiet and mind alert. Tony's Family Advocate will visit his home tomorrow and help Tony's family get their basic needs met.

Generosity sometimes comes wrapped in a granola shaped snack. People give away what they have- whether that be kindness or bitterness, peace or anxiety. Because The Baby Fold has support from the community, we have blessings to pass on to Tony, who can, in turn, show some love for his brother. That is the way of love.

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Love Goes Viral

Love is contagious. It spreads from person to person if we let it. It’s hard to keep from laughing when those around you start giggling. Click here to see how long you can watch this video before you start laughing.

Want to be a “carrier” of love and laughter? Let your love go viral! No mask needed. Spread your love to the children and families of The Baby Fold this month. There are a number of ways to do just that. Click here to see the list.


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