Barry and Honey Sherman’s saga gives Frank D’Angelo lots of in-your-face time. The unsolved mystery of the Shermans’ deaths last December will be rebooted Friday with a family press conference. Kerry Winter, the previously outspoken cousin of Barry Sherman, has meanwhile continued to share his theories on a message board. But the highest profile take in a while comes from a big cover story with a great chapter focused on Frank D’Angelo:

The next mayor of Brampton has already lost one local linchpin. Patrick Brown’s surreal election victory was followed by news that his former Ontario PC colleagues cancelled funding for a Ryerson campus in the city—along with plans for a York University branch in Markham and a Wilfrid Laurier satellite in Milton. But a pair of newly-elected Brampton councillors think they can salvage it.

“I don’t see provincial premiers as opponents, I see them as partners.” Justin Trudeau denied he was trolling Doug Ford by going to Etobicoke to announce his carbon tax rebate plan. Nonetheless, the premier slammed the idea, in part because it’s being spun as a “Climate Action Incentive.” Simplifying such cynicism is what shitposts are for:

“I am stoned on legal weed right now. Thank you government!” National Post reporter Marie Danielle-Smith tokes up in the name of post-gonzo journalism—after waiting a week for her order to arrive. Legal weed is also stressing out paid online influencers whose cannabis content is being deleted by Instagram. And now South Korea vows to punish any visiting national discovered experiencing THC.

Stuff white people like: wondering why all of the MEC models look like them. Mountain Equipment Co-Op CEO David Labistour apologized for his company's marketing, seemingly in response to a survey that shows outdoor participation is greater among people of colour. Yet, a recent study via OISE concluded that POCs were indifferent to this lifestyle. The controversy can’t be bad for business:

Life after being married to the alt-right. Nina Koupriianova, who has a history PhD from U of T, married white nationalist Richard Spencer in 2011—but now she has filed for divorce. Spencer, a one-time Toronto resident who found Faith Goldy’s mayoral bid to be “ultimately demoralizing,” is disputing “many of” his wife’s detailed accusations:

Digital election coverage leads to internal CBC resistance. “We still need to be where people are, not just where we predict or hope they will eventually be,” read a letter from CBC Ottawa staffers especially perplexed about the broadcaster's decision to forego traditional TV election coverage in favour of Murdoch Mysteries. Similar confusion is playing out in Manitoba, where The Great Canadian Baking Show won’t be pre-empted for results.

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The name of the CBC’s forthcoming daily news podcast, which will enter an increasingly crowded arena for this genre.

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