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Visual tracking of 3D targets

3D visual tracking with applications such as augmented reality and robotic control.

Genotype calling and phasing software

A fast, scalable, and highly parallelisable genotype prediction method.

Technologies for improved gasoline production

Platform technologies for the improved processing of fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) gasoline.

Complement alternative pathway inhibitor

Inhibiting a key step in the alternative complement pathway with this novel tick-derived polypeptide inhibitor.

3D reconstruction and tracking for mobile devices

A multi-platform framework which enables real-time 3D dense reconstruction and tracking of a very large space.

Fluid biomarker for diagnosis of joint injuries

A quantitative method using biomarkers to distinguish between end-stage joint injuries and inflammatory arthritis.

Complement C5 inhibitor

Oxford researchers have identified a novel tick-derived polypeptide inhibitor of complement C5.

Tethered enzymatic reactions

An innovative method to study tethered enzymatic reactions that are prevalent in cell signalling.

Improved treatment for brain tumours

A Taiwanese research team has developed a traceable brain tumour therapy using radioactive gold nanoparticles.

TFMGs on syringe needles

A new coating method has been developed for achieving a low coefficient of friction (COF) on syringe needles.