Move away from the walls and transform everyday furniture with Surface Skins. Surface Skins is a brand new line of super durable, self-adhesive art that allows you to personalize just about any large surface in your home or office quickly and easily. Use them to cover desks, tables or cabinets.
Legal ~ Surface Skin & Still ~ Surface Skin  
Oversee ~ Surface Skin   Gouache ~ Surface Skin  

VENICE, CA, APRIL 29, 2013: Blik, the innovative maker of self-adhesive surface graphics, announces a new product category for the 10+ year old company: Surface Skins. Surface Skins is a brand new line of super durable, self-adhesive art that allows you to personalize just about any large surface in your home or office quickly and easily. Use them to cover desks, tables, cabinets or bookshelves.

Surface Skins were developed to bring some graphic goodness to boring furnishings using a new film that allows the design to be “floated” over the selected surface during installation. The skin’s lamination provides a durable, protection to surfaces and makes them easy to apply and remove. Similar to the concept of personalizing your cellphone or laptop, Surface Skins let you to bring art off the walls and onto other objects in your home.

“We had the idea a few years ago and finally found a new material that made Surface Skins a possibility,” said Scott Flora, Blik co-founder. “It’s an exciting new direction and product category for Blik.”

Surface Skins by WRAPPED
Blik is collaborating with several current artists to bring you new designs created for the Surface Skins line. First off, we're teaming up with our Venice-based neighbors WRAPPED to launch 12 Surface Skins based on WRAPPED's artfully-crafted gift wrap. Their wrap uses high-res photography of animal hides, insects and modern art with such vibrancy and clarity that the surface skin looks real to the touch. WRAPPED Surface Skins come in four different rectangle shapes and are designed to be trimmed down to any surface or table size.

WRAPPED’s line includes Homage, Clement, Legal, Abbot Kinney, Burst, Gouache, Broadway, Ride, Mildred, Oversee, Stratus and Still. The skins will fit the following size rectangular shapes:

48" x 24"  - $42
60" x 30"  - $64
72" x 36"  - $90
80" x 30"  - $87

“WRAPPED’s designs are so graphic, that you can take an ordinary object and make it really dynamic,” continued Flora.

Shed Your Desk Skin
Surface Skins gets its name from a snake (and the Surface Skins logo supports that), just as a snake is able to shed his skin, you can change your surface skin as often as you’d like and have the option to remove it or reapply a new skin.

Go ahead, enhance your space with art and pattern. Keep an eye out for additional Surface Skins to launch in the coming months.

ABOUT WRAPPED: WRAPPED stems from the idea that wrapping paper can be a work of art, rather than a generic disposable shell. Inspired by the California roots of founders, Ryland Arnoldi and Sam Seidman, WRAPPED's products include wrapping paper, journals, stationery and more, and are designed and manufactured locally in Los Angeles to ensure unparalleled quality. Visit wrappedla.com.

ABOUT BLIK:: For 10 years, Blik has been the leading designer and maker of innovative self-adhesive, removable surface graphics. Co-founded in Venice, CA in 2002 by architect Scott Flora and food editor Jerinne Neils, Blik is an exploration into the concept of the "wall as canvas." Today, through groundbreaking production methods, original design and collaboration with such brands as Threadless, Upper Playground, Atari, Sanrio, Keith Haring Estate, Nintendo and Charles & Ray Eames, Blik is an I.D. Magazine Product Design Distinction Award Winner and participated in the esteemed Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial. In 2010, Blik was named as one of Entrepreneur's Top 10 Brilliant Companies. The full Blik product line is available online and at retailers worldwide. For more information, please visit www.whatisblik.com.


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