“Photobombing” isn’t what Justin Trudeau did to some prom kids. Clickbait stories about the prime minister snapping some photos with prom-bound teens during a Vancouver seawall jog on Friday night largely described it as a photobomb. But here’s Maclean’s to explain how incorrect that term is. Trudeau's official photographer, Adam Scotti, disclosed that this run-in was only semi-accidental.

Did the mayor’s re-election campaign start today? It sure looked like it, as John Tory hit Pape station to rally support for the downtown relief line, repeating his tactic of handing out flyers urging people to call Queen’s Park. He's also pushing the province to invest in community housing. Meanwhile, it's becoming clearer that no progressive politician is eager to challenge Tory in 2018—though Richard Peddie, an ex-MLSE exec, says he might be willing.

A fresh look for “Doogie Howser, MPP.” Patrick Brown’s attempt to rally the Ontario PCs may end in disaster, according to former MPP Peter Shurman, who speculates that a faction opposed to carbon taxes could further fracture the party. But here’s PC mascot Sam Oosterhoff displaying Harry Styles-style swagger, which has earned him a hotter nickname:

Barbara Kay is gone from CBC Radio for challenging indigenous discontent. The National Post columnist has been disinvited from Because News (a rip-off of NPR’s news quiz Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!) as a result of tweets that questioned the consensus on residential schools. Meanwhile, her son Jonathan has deleted all his tweets from his stint as editor-in-chief of The Walrus—even though he claimed to be regularly censoring himself on that job.

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Foaming at the mouth over a lack of lather. "The wildest foam party of the year" was promised last Sunday at Orchid Nightclub. 1,200 tickets were sold for the 700-capacity space. But when one of the foam cannons didn’t work, the party was delayed by half an hour. And then the other foam cannon broke because somebody dropped a beer on it.

Bunz Trading Zone is ready to be a worldwide digital unicorn. The next phase in the homegrown swap-meet app's venture-backed attempt to monetize itself earned ink in the New York Post.

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The adjective was abused in articles describing the Honest Ed's sign being dismantled. (Ideally, writers will find some other words to use when the sign returns.)

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